QuickFrame Leadership

Alexandra Villa

Director of Client Success

Alexandra Villa manages the mid-market Client Success team, as well as QuickFrame’s partnership with Pinterest. In this role, Alexandra is focused on understanding clients’ needs in detail, many of which are performance-oriented advertisers, in order to efficiently deliver high-performing video assets. Prior to QuickFrame, Alexandra led teams of up to 15 individuals and over $3MM in client budget at GYK Antler as a strategic account lead. Here, she not only helped clients exceed campaign goals but also worked to streamline internal processes and reduce burn.

Alexandra is a fanatic for holidays (specifically Christmas), likely due to her having grown up on a Christmas tree farm. Alexandra also has a passion for another type of holiday—that of the vacation variety—and enjoys helping others plan leisurely getaways in her spare time. Alexandra holds a BA in Sociology from Trinity College.

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