QuickFrame Leadership

Lucas Loeffler

CEO & Founder

As Founder and CEO, Lucas Loeffler provides strategic, financial, and operational leadership for QuickFrame, closely coordinating with external advisors and the senior leadership team. Born out of his experience within the technology, media, and marketing industries, Lucas’ vision for QF is founded upon an appreciation for how fundamentally broken the current digital video creation and measurement process is. Given video consumption’s rapid evolution as compared to video creation’s relative stagnation, Lucas left Wharton early to develop and launch a technology solution that could more efficiently supply the marketplace’s exponentially growing demand for video as a service (VaaS). Today, Lucas continues his focus on solving this original pain point by building a customer obsessed organization where creativity, data, and technology come together with the world’s best creators.

Though leading QuickFrame takes up the majority of his time, you just might catch him golfing, bbq’ing with his rescue dog Stella, or hanging out with family and friends.

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