QuickFrame Leadership

Rahul Rao

VP, Engineering

Rahul Rao heads Product and Engineering at QuickFrame, leading the growth and development of QuickFrame’s client-facing platform, machine learning applications and internal data/BI assets. Rahul has previously managed engineering and product teams in the healthcare, education, and ad tech sectors, with a focus on scaling and managing cross-functional technology teams in high growth environments. He has architected and executed technology strategies, helping drive more than $70 million in revenue. Rahul has trained and mentored engineering teams on multiple aspects of software development and product processes. He has also performed technology due diligence for acquisitions in the pharmaceutical sector and has advised companies in retail and manufacturing as well. Rahul has experience coaching leadership teams on long-term product development strategies and has enabled cost and capacity models for predicting output and revenue needs.

He is a climbing enthusiast and certified acro yoga instructor. He also hopes to adopt a puppy in the near future.

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