Video Creatives We Love (November 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently enabled brands to create across an array of industries and use cases. This month we’re featuring organizations that used video to spotlight a whole new line of products, increase App Downloads, and raise brand awareness during the most wonderful time of the year.

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Spotlighting Product Launches with Video

Lime Crime

The Goal

Lime Crime came to QuickFrame with a specific goal in mind: increasing their Click Through Rates (CTR) on all of their video content, which would lead to maximum conversion on their website for their latest slate of products. They also came with a specific target audiences in mind as well, from Gen-Z and Millennials to Beauty Junkies, and their community of over 3.3M+ followers on Instagram. For their new temporary hair color product, they also wanted to focus attention on semi-permanent hair color users by emphasizing the zero commitment benefit of their formula that comes out in just one wash.

The Process

Lime Crime came in with some pretty clear concepts for what they wanted their ads to look like. It was important that the videos appeared joyous, fun, and playful–all emotions central to their target audiences. There was also a semi-tight schedule that QuickFrame was more than capable of meeting. QuickFrame Makers were able to capture all of the content needed for two product lines–utilizing three different actors–all in one shoot-day. Within two weeks, our makers were able to deliver final deliverables in multiple aspect ratios and various runtimes.

Why We Love It

If you grew up through the 80s and 90s, dying your hair with Manic Panic as you head to a concert for your favorite goth or emo band, then you know the longevity of the temporary hair dye industry. As long as there are young folks who want to express themselves with their hair–temporarily at least–there will be a market for dyes just like Lime Crime’s featured product. The ad has a bouncy vibrancy that plays into the energy their target audience craves. It proved so impactful that this entire campaign, inclusive of multiple different concepts, racked up hundreds of thousands of views in as little as two weeks–the most views of any Lime Crime content, ever.

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Driving App Downloads with Video


The Goal

Weee! believes that quality, freshness, and accessibility shouldn’t ever be compromised when it comes to food. They want to inject the fun back into shopping not just by selling your normal grocery staples, but also specialized unique items from all around the world delivered fresh to your door at a cost-accessible price.

Weee! was specifically looking for brand videos that they could run on App Stores to showcase how their delivery and mail order service worked, and how their branded app fits into their purchasing process, with the primary goal of inspiring App downloads. They also wanted to thread in elements of the video that could increase awareness of their brand through shareability. They understood that they see increased awareness from Weee! users recommending their service and sharing specific products with their friends and family, and they wanted to leverage this organically.

The Process

With a set of clear value propositions to include, as well as specific requirements around the talent, QuickFrame tapped a maker who could concept, script, and create a shot list for a video that would showcase the start to finish process of ordering on Weee!’s app. Because Weee! has a limited service area at the moment, QuickFrame connected with a region-specific maker in Los Angeles to shoot the video. 

Why We Love It

Grocery delivery apps have skyrocketed since the early months of 2020, and as pandemic-era consumer behaviors linger to stay, we predict this industry will only continue growing in the coming years. By filling a niche and prioritizing a global-assortment of traditionally hard to find food in the States, Weee! smartly made their products (and the ease of buying it in the app) the star of their advertisement. On top of this, as families come together for likely their first holiday season in almost two years, it’s a joy to see a sense of unity in these ads that’ll warm your heart as you tuck into the end of the year.

Raising Awareness on CTV


The Goal

ReserveBar, the premier platform for the gifting and delivery of premium and luxury spirits and champagne, had three interrelated goals in mind. They wanted to increase website traffic, acquire new customers, and raise brand awareness so that their core target demographics (like food, spirits, and travel lovers) could have a deeper understanding of the service that ReserveBar offered.

The Process

ReserveBar had one specific tone of voice in mind for this ad: luxury. QuickFrame connected with a Maker who could design a clean, crisp, bright, and inviting video that could evoke a joyful and celebratory emotion. Since this ad was being made with the holidays in mind, those emotions ranged from hosting a seasonal dinner party with friends, to toasting cocktails at a holiday party, all while maintaining an elevated and premium look. QuickFrame tapped a maker who could keep the elevated look ReserveBar required while seamlessly laying in value props that could pique interest for their core demographics, all while delivering multiple final videos in different runtimes that could be used on CTV. Fun fact: some of the creative team that produced the video make small cameos in the spot!

Why We Love It

After the year we’ve all had, the world is barreling into the holiday season with gusto (and maybe just a little bit of impatience.) With a video ad like ReserveBar’s, they engage that sense of excitement (and relief) in all of us that we will soon be able to have some relaxing downtime with those we love the most. What pushes this ad to the next level is not just that it delivers this emotion in style, but it also reinforces exactly what ReserveBar brings to the table: an easy-to-use service that will make your gifts a hit at your upcoming gatherings.

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