Video Marketing Creatives We Love (October 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently enabled brands to create across an array of industries and use cases. This month we’re featuring organizations that leveraged one concept to create multiple videos, used emotional engagement to generate support for their cause, and took a chance testing out a wildly creative new message.

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One Concept, Multiple Deliverables

The Goal

Rumpl’s primary goal was simple. They wanted to increase sales while raising awareness for the versatility of their products and the various ways they can be used. They wanted their audience to feel like they just discovered the one product they didn’t know they needed, perfectly complimenting the activities they already enjoy in life.

It was important that their ad showcased a diversity of casted talent using their products and highlighted unique locations that could speak to their core audiences interests. Because they wanted to scale across multiple different platforms, they also needed various cutdowns of the ad that could run across CTV/OTT streaming platforms and social media channels.

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The Process

Utilizing a testing framework that had proven successful for past QuickFrame customers, we connected Rumpl with a maker who sourced a litany of talent (about 8-10 in total) and locations (about 7-10 in total) to honor their requirement to show off the diversity of use of their products, which would have proven impossible if not for the wide array of talent and locations.

Because Rumpl needed various length cut downs (like :15s and :30s) and the ad cropped to specific aspect ratios (like 1×1 and 9×16) to run as native videos ads on social platforms, the script was written in pre-production with an eye on ensuring the narrative wouldn’t be lost when the original ad was edited in post-production. In a similar vein, the framing of each shot had to be very intentional so that it could work in the original aspect ratio, and when it was eventually cropped later in post-production for social media channels.

Why We Love It

Rumpl loved that they were able to save time and money through a streamlined approach to the video production process that took one video concept and spun it out into multiple different cut-downs and aspect ratios that allowed them to diversify the platforms and placements where their ads would run. 

What we love about this creative is one of the primary goals of Rumpl’s entire campaign. They do a masterful job showing so many different kinds of people–from single adults to families and couples–using their products in so many different locations that their ad is bound to speak to any one of their target audience. This broad approach to concepting is vitally important as data-deprecation continues to seep into the industry, making it harder for brands to reach their target audience. With an approach like Rumpl took in partnership with QuickFrame, they are able to ensure their ads speak to the largest swath of potential consumers as possible.

Experimenting with New Messaging
Fresh Meal Plan

The Goal

All marketers know that, often, our job revolves around trial and error, like the old-adage “throw it against the wall, and see what sticks.” That’s exactly what Fresh Meal Plan wanted to do with this latest ad campaign. They wanted to switch up the style of ads they had been previously running over the last year–moving from UGC-style content to something way outside the box–to see if a dynamic, daring approach to ad creative would resonate more with their target audience. Could a wacky, odd-ball ad creative concept be just what they need to entice new consumers to their meal delivery service?

The Process

QuickFrame and Fresh Meal Plan had been working on a cadence, creating a fresh slate of new-new video ads that generate learnings that are carried over to the next round of new video ad creative. Together we keep a close eye on their performance, discern what about the specific creative asset is working, and then use that to iterate new concepts and video ideas before selecting options and diving into pre-production.

But Fresh Meal Plan had been running very similar ads for the past few months and wanted this new campaign to seriously shake up their approach to content with a zany, atypical concept.

With QuickFrame, Fresh Meal Plan brainstormed various ideas and concepts before settling on the “When Will My Microwave Return from War”, which you can see reflected in the ad above. The data is still trickling in, but from early projections, brands will benefit from switching up styles and testing wildly creative concepts to see if a fresh message will stick with an audience.

Why We Love It

Ad fatigue is a real problem that will continue to plague marketers for years to come. How do you combat this persistent challenge? By generating fresh new video creative so that your target audience doesn’t start to groan when they see your ads for the fifteenth time. Taking an approach like Fresh Meal Plan did with this campaign should inspire you to take daring risks with your ads’ creative messaging. Let their ad inspire you to begin thinking creatively about how you can keep your audience engaged with your ads from month to month, year to year.

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Video for Non-Marketing Purposes
Community Center of Northern Westchester

The Goal

The Community Center of Northern Westchester seeks to improve the wellbeing and self-sufficiency of their neighbors in need by providing food, clothing, programs, and other resources. CCNW approached QuickFrame to create a video for their annual gala that could both thank the community for their work over the last year, and encourage people to become active supporters of their cause.

The Process

Because CCNW wanted to encourage gala attendees to make donations, they knew they needed the video to engage their audience emotionally, highlighting (and celebrating) the extraordinary work their community did coming together to meet Northern Westchester’s needs throughout the pandemic. 

To do this, QuickFrame connected CCNW with a videographer who visited a food drive they held during August to show their mission-statement in action, giving gala attendees a first-hand account of the good they are doing in the community. The maker captured all of the footage and interviews in a single shoot day, and then connected with a CCNW employee to record the voice-over that would be added to the video in post-production.

Why We Love It

While the video will be repurposed on their website at a future date, CCNW is already seeing increased support since they debuted it at the gala. What we find most engaging about it is that the video houses multiple different styles in one. On the surface, it can be viewed as an informational mini-doc, giving viewers a scope of their cause-based organization through a polished, professional piece of video content. But if you go deeper, as they interview volunteers and individuals the CCNW supports, the video becomes like a piece of UGC-style content, making the overall tone feel emotionally authentic. 

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