Video Creatives We Love (Best of 2021)

Can you believe we made it through the year? I’m sure like many of you, after the whirlwind of events that have swirled around us through 2021, we’re all looking forward to a bit of down time to reflect on the challenges we experienced–and the successes we achieved.

But just because we’re approaching a new year doesn’t mean the content landscape is slowing down. It’s moving faster, and more crowded than ever before, and as you look at the 2022 horizon, continuing to ensure your creative is captivating and fresh is a must.

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To get those creative juices flowing as you plan for your future advertising campaigns, we’ve compiled (in no particular order) our favorite videos we’ve enabled brands to create this past year, across an array of industries and use cases.

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Why We Love It.

In today’s saturated landscape, reaching your audience with hyper-relevant, topical video content is an absolute must. As consumers were slowly becoming more comfortable reengaging with aspects of their pre-pandemic lives in early 2021, NURX tapped into the social energy brewing as people got both vaccinated (and finally out of their homes!) The near-future of video creative must speak to our new reality, highlighting where a brand’s value propositions fit into our “new normal.”

Spotify + Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Why We Love It.

In a time when we were spending most of our time indoors, this video is truly transportive. With QuickFrame’s help, Spotify and Cinnamon Toast Crunch harnessed the flexibility of the animation in marketing to create co-branded content that feels fresh, vibrant, and out of this world. Seriously, just look at that spot. You love it. We love it. How could anyone not love this??

Wolf & Shepherd

Why We Love It.

Thorough pre-production planning is a guaranteed way to stretch your production budget. By tackling two separate concepts in a single shoot, Wolf & Shepherd was able to save budgets—unlocking spend that can be allocated to media. However, what we love the most about this spot is the dynamic animated hook that they front load at the top of the creative. A lightening fast animated look at how shoes have evolved through the centuries grabs the audiences attention and doesn’t let them go until the final frame.

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Why We Love It.

Stoli is making a splash in the fight for global equality. Not only is this video evocative of the spirit of Pride, but a portion of all proceeds from sales of this bottle go directly to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Plus, Stoli’s serving up what consumers want. According to a recent survey, 64% of consumers are more likely to make an immediate purchase when they are delivered an ad that’s representative of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Why We Love It.

MuteSix, Bev’s creative partner who produced this spot in conjunction with QuickFrame’s Maker Community, understood that to love the Bev brand meant loving Bev’s brand story. By focusing on it’s founders, they are able to bring more authenticity and trust to their ad content. The star of the ad–outside of the thumb-stopping cans–is Bev’s founder, Alix, who propels the narrative with language that feels modern, and most importantly, in the fun, youthful voice of their community.

HASK Beauty

Why We Love It.

The consumer retail experience is changing and eCommerce is on the rise. Brands must consider bringing eCommerce product videos into the fold to deliver a more dynamic, memorable online shopping experience for consumers.

eCommerce videos are not only effective at driving conversions, but they are also incredibly flexible, which is exactly what we love about this video QuickFrame enabled Hask to create. What starts off as a simple eCommerce video, front loading the immediate benefits of using their product seamlessly transitions into a how-to video to give audiences a more immersive look into how they might be able to use their products.

Community Center of Northern Westchester

Why We Love It

While the video will be repurposed on their website at a future date, CCNW is already seeing increased support since they debuted it at their annual gala this year. What we find most engaging about it is that the video houses multiple different styles in one. On the surface, it can be viewed as an informational mini-doc, giving viewers a scope of their cause-based organization through a polished, professional piece of video content. But if you go deeper, as they interview volunteers and individuals the CCNW supports, the video becomes like a piece of UGC-style content, making the overall tone feel emotionally authentic.

American Home Shield

Why We Love It

This year marks the 50th anniversary of American Home Shield’s award winning home insurance plans. To celebrate this monumental anniversary, American Home Shield wanted their video ads to reflect the families they’ve helped over the past five decades. Not only do we love the collection of throwback clothing styles featured in the ad, but the usage of different filters to give the video the appearance of old film stock is an inventive way to immerse the viewer in the different time periods featured in the spot.


Why We Love It

After the year we’ve all had, the world barreled into the holiday season with gusto (and maybe just a little bit of impatience.) With a video ad like ReserveBar’s, they engage that sense of excitement (and relief) in all of us that we will soon have some relaxing downtime with those we love the most. What pushes this ad to the next level is not just that it delivers this emotion in style, but it also reinforces exactly what ReserveBar brings to the table: an easy-to-use service that will make your gifts a hit at your upcoming gatherings.

Ben Bridge Jewelers

Why We Love It

The future of advertising is going to be built on the back of a lesson we all learned in 2021: it pays to be empathetic. Consumers find content that highlights empathy, love, and connection to be more resonant than ever after a hotly contentious year that has left most of us mentally wiped. What Ben Bridge does so well in this ad QuickFrame enabled them to create is focusing on a simple story–a family sharing gifts during the holidays–that seamlessly is able to underline their key value prop: their products are the perfect gift to give everyone in your family this holiday season. To top it off? They make this ad accessible for all by not eschewing spoken dialogue to convey their message purely through on-screen text.

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