Creative Inspiration for Your Halloween Marketing Campaigns

As we near the end of October, Halloween is in full swing! Maybe you’ve already bought a couple bags of candy to hand out or watched a few scary movies. No matter how you celebrate, you’re certainly not alone. Bloomberg reported consumers are expected to spend a record $10.6 billion on Halloween this year, making it a great time to connect with your customers through a Halloween marketing strategy. 

Using video marketing during this time of year can help you reach your customers, work toward your annual goals, and — maybe most importantly — keep your brand front of mind for customers as they start shopping for the holiday season

Let’s walk through 3 different ways you can use Halloween video content in your video marketing strategy

3 Tips for Your Halloween Marketing Campaigns

1. Use this opportunity to create brand awareness.

Halloween is a great time to simply reach out to your audience with a fun message or short, on-brand video to create excitement around your brand. Oberlo reported, “…consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent,” making brand awareness critical to continue growing your business

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For example, this Pfizer video below uses a creative combination of science and Halloween to drive brand awareness. With a fun, timely message, your brand can drive more visitors to your website. Plus, as we mentioned above, this timing is incredibly important as we near the holiday season. Since many consumers are shopping earlier than ever before, you can use Halloween to keep your brand front and center as they begin searching for the perfect holiday gifts. 

2. Creatively showcase your products with a Halloween theme.

The holiday doesn’t have to be the focal point of your videos! You can still showcase your products, just with a Halloween twist. 

This Dylan’s Candy Bar example uses several elements to create a successful Halloween video. First, of course, is candy! Everything you see in this video is a Dylan’s Candy Bar product, which allows the video to stay centered around the brand. Plus, they use this opportunity to showcase seasonal products, encouraging customers to make purchases sooner rather than later. 

In addition to these key elements, this product marketing video utilizes eerie music and lighting to effectively set the scene. With consistent theming throughout the entire video production, they can reach more of their audience — even folks who consume social media without listening to the sound. 

3. Share information your audience wants to know.

Informational videos might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think about Halloween content, but they can be a great addition to your strategy. 

But before you get started, remember knowing your audience is critical. You’ll want to provide your audience with information they actually want or need to know, instead of throwing statistics at them without a purpose. 

For example, informational videos might be most successful if your business is in the public service industry or you work with other businesses affected by the holiday. If you’re a B2B brand marketing to candy companies, you could share stats on how many people plan to hand out candy to Trick-or-Treaters in your B2B videos. Or, if your brand works closely with parents, you could create informational videos on how to keep children safe throughout the holiday. 

Through creative Halloween-themed graphics, the following video uses this opportunity to share critical information to help businesses prepare for the holiday. While this was created a few years back and the specific numbers have changed, this video type can always provide valuable information to your audience in an engaging way. Plus, it’s a great reminder that educational video production can be creative and entertaining! 

Connect With Your Audience This Halloween 

You know video content is a powerful way to reach your audience, but it’s not always simple to create. Between increased content demands and generally busier-than-normal schedules, your marketing team likely has a full calendar. That’s where we come in! 

Whether you want to create suspenseful TikToks or informational Facebook videos for your Halloween marketing strategy, we’re here to help. At QuickFrame, we believe businesses of every size should be able to create creative and effective video content for every channel and objective. That’s why we connect your business with an agile end-to-end video creation platform and data-driven creative analytics to help you reach your audience. 

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