Creative Storytelling Strategies for Creating Facebook Video Content

Creative storytelling strategies are critical for reaching your audience on Facebook, but it can be difficult to know where to start. 

When crafting your marketing strategy, you might want to consider expectations. What does your audience expect when they log into Facebook? Once you understand why people use certain social media platforms, your business can create engaging content to meet those expectations. 

Below, we’ll explore how your business can use creative storytelling strategies to reach your audience on Facebook. 

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How Can I Share Videos on Facebook?

With limitless opportunities for video, Facebook is a fantastic platform to reach your audience. Before you get started, you need to know the options you have for publishing video content on Facebook. 

The first post type is organic content, which is likely already part of your Facebook marketing strategy. This includes your native video posts, Facebook Live videos, and Reels (which originated on Instagram but can now be found on Facebook, too). According to Statista, native video is the most engaging post type on Facebook, so it’s essential to use it. 

You can also share videos through paid Facebook advertisements. You can place paid video advertisements on Facebook in several locations, including the Feed, Stories, and within the Video Feed. 

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Creative Storytelling Strategies and Examples for Facebook

No matter how you display your video, you need to make sure they are creative and engaging. Here are five strategies to create Facebook video content that reaches your audience: 

1. Create a Community

According to Statista, 88% of Facebook users enjoy the platform to create a community. While many people might traditionally think about this in literal Facebook Groups or Pages, this doesn’t always have to be the case — your posts can help create a community, too. 

How Meta Creates a Community With Video on Facebook 

Why not see an example from the source itself? 

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, used an event coverage video to create a sense of community among its social media followers. By showcasing event coverage of their Fitness+ Wellness Summit, Meta uses relatable faces and enjoyable experiences to develop a stronger sense of community. 

In addition, this helps connect Meta with people who already follow their partners. If the fan of an influencer in the video wasn’t aware of the partnership, they might be more open to Meta’s products, services, and platforms.

2. Entertain Your Audience

The second most common reason people use Facebook is for entertainment, so use your business’s video content marketing to meet this need. 

In our often overwhelming world, many people use social media to escape the difficulties of their day. When users log in to Facebook, they’re likely looking for feel-good and optimistic content that also entertains them. This works best if you’re also aware of the best times to post on Facebook.

How Backcountry Entertains Their Audience With Video on Facebook 

While humor can create an emotional connection, it can also serve as pure entertainment. The Serious Case for Humor by AdAge found, “Humor gives you a jolt of positive emotion very quickly, which makes a funny campaign often easy to adapt to ultra-short formats…” 

This Backcountry ad provides entertainment for viewers, while also allowing the brand more time to discuss the product and its benefits. Sharing engaging and interesting content gives your viewers the opportunity to learn more about your brand in a way they enjoy.

3. Authentically Showcase Your Business

According to Statista, 17% of all Facebook users specifically use the platform because they want to engage with brands and companies, so showcase your business! If at least part of your audience is already interested in engaging with brands, use this opportunity to connect with them. 

Plus, showing off different parts of your business through video content allows you to create authenticity and transparency with your customers, which is now critical. Sprout Social found, “86% of Americans say transparency from businesses is more important than ever before. 

How Cruise Authentically Showcases Their Brand With Video on Facebook

Cruise worked with QuickFrame Makers to make a recruitment video to show how they prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Cruise knows their audience wants to support a company that uplifts the next generation of professionals. With this messaging, their audience is more likely to see them as a progressive brand, prioritizing equity and inclusion. 

4. Create an Emotional Connection

Emotional connections are an effective way to engage with your audience. The Emotional Effectiveness of Advertisement, a study published in 2020, found, “…providing an emotional message in publicity increases the audience’s attention to the advertisement, and the product enhances the product’s appeal and generates a higher level of brand recall.”

How Nextdoor Creates an Emotional Connection With Video on Facebook

In this Nextdoor advertisement, the brand uses an emotional connection to engage with their audience and highlight key benefits of their products. 

Especially following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people want to connect with and help the people around them. This type of video provides viewers with a way to contribute while highlighting why people should use Nextdoor instead of its competitors. 

5. Use Your Audience’s Interests

While you can’t know what’s essential to every individual in your audience, you can understand some common threads among your viewers. 

For example, Facebook users have many common interests. According to Statista

  • 56% of users are interested in movies, TV shows, and music 
  • 46% of users are interested in food and dining 
  • 43% of users are interested in cooking and baking 
  • 39% of users are interested in reading
  • 35% of users are interested in pets 

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How Freshpet Uses Their Audience’s Interests In Video Content on Facebook

Freshpet knows their audience is interested in pets, so they make sure this interest is front and center in many videos. This specific video also uses humor, holidays, and suspense to drive viewers to their website. 

Once you know what your audience is interested in, you can use this information to connect with them more effectively. Plus, your audience will feel like you’ve genuinely taken the time to learn more about them — because you have! 

Use Effective Video Content To Connect With Your Customers  

Reaching your social media audience can be difficult, but the right video creative can help you stand out from your competition. 

According to Statista, “During the third quarter of 2021, online videos recorded an audience reach of almost 86 percent among internet users in the United States.” A vast majority of internet users engage with video content online, so why not give them what they want? 

Whether you’re looking to create videos that inspire a sense of community or showcase your products, we can help. Here at QuickFrame, we modernize video production by making it more accessible with our end-to-end agile video production platform

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