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Creative Tips for Connected TV (CTV) and OTT Video Ads

Streaming television is thriving. Connected TV (CTV) and OTT were projected to boom in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic isolated individuals indoors, catalyzing streaming consumption trends

Check out these stats:

  • There’s been an 81% increase YoY in CTV viewing time
  • 80% of US households have at least 1 CTV device
  • 75% of US households have at least one CTV service

At the same time, eCommerce has grown significantly. U.S. consumers will spend about $710 billion on eComm this year—about 15% of total projected retail sales, which is an all-time high. Most people consume CTV and OTT content with mobile devices in hand or nearby, making OTT/CTV a prime channel to drive digital and eComm traffic

While it’s true that some CTV/OTT platforms do not have any ad inventory (e.g., Netflix, Disney+), a recent IAB study found that 73% of adults who watch streaming content watch ad-supported OTT/CTV content, and 45% of adults watch ad-supported content more than any other streaming content. 

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Consumer behavior is changing and marketers need to adapt their ad strategies. Advertisers have already begun shifting budgets in response to these trends, taking advantage of the targeting capabilities of OTT/CTV.

To take full advantage of this performance channel, QuickFrame recently co-hosted a webinar where we shared creative and strategic best practices for producing CTV/OTT video ads. You can view the whole webinar here and read up on our key takeaways below.


Leveraging CTV/OTT Targeting Capabilities to A/B Test

You should look at OTT/CTV as a performance channel that holds the same targeting and testing capabilities as other digital marketing channels

When planning a campaign, thread in these channel advantages to design video creative for your specific audiences. Plan multiple versions of your creative so you can run A/B tests and generate learnings about what resonates with your targets.

Take these examples from QuickFrame client, Native. We worked with Native to leverage learnings from social creative to create net new live action video ads to target specific audiences on OTT/CTV. You can see in the two examples below how Native was able to alter creative variables such as messaging and talent to craft hyper-relevant creatives for the audiences they were targeting.

Many brands feel like they don’t have the resources to test OTT/CTV creative. However, if you design your video production plans with A/B testing in mind, you can get a number of deliverables. At QuickFrame, we design campaigns and production in a cost-effective way by identifying target audiences and KPIs at the start, and then designing a production plan that captures a wide variety of footage in a single shoot

When we worked with Fintech company Self, we ideated two unique concepts to target two different core audiences. For each concept, we shot 2 different scripts, ultimately delivering 8 videos to Self to test on OTT/CTV in just 3 weeks. Not only was Self able to lower their CPI by 28%, but they also had a clear creative winner and were able to walk away with a set of brand-specific creative best practices that they could implement in their next campaign.

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Production Tips for Your CTV & OTT Video Creative

There are two paths you can take with your CTV and OTT creative: original production with a live action shoot or generating new creative using existing assets and post-production techniques

Tips for Original CTV/OTT Production

As we discussed above, the best way to take advantage of this channel is to leverage its targeting and testing capabilities to run several versions of your creative. Gather all of the footage you may need in a single shoot and then craft iterative versions of your creative(s) through post-production editing. If you have a clear concept in mind and a script ready to go, QuickFrame can turnaround ready-to-publish original live action video ads in as little as 2 weeks

Keep these tips in mind for your original CTV/OTT video ads:

  • Focus on your core values and offerings. Whether you have acquisition, awareness, or conversion as your goal, you want to make sure you are always introducing yourself to potential new customers.
  • Stay true to your brand feel.
  • Consider what style will work best for your objective. CTV/OTT is hospitable to both live action and animation. 
  • Have some personality. Grab attention with quirky or eye-catching humor.
  • Leave space for customization. Consider having your talent recording multiple script options or record variations on your voiceover.
  • Implement a clear CTA. Most people watch streaming content with a digital device in hand or nearby. Consider keeping your logo and URL present throughout to tap into this ad channel’s direct-response nature.


Tips for Post-Production CTV/OTT Creative

You can also repurpose existing assets such as stills and videos from other channels to create CTV/OTT video creative using post-production techniques like motion graphics and editing. The logistics vary depending on the scope of your project, but post-production-only CTV/OTT videos can be turned around in as little as 2-5 days and $3000-$5000.

Keep these tips in mind for your post-production CTV/OTT video ads:

  • Use motion graphics and animation to elevate existing assets and construct a clear narrative.
  • Remember that you can cut down and repurpose existing videos, even if they were originally created for a different channel.
  • Consider A/B testing with creative variables such as music, voiceover, or messaging. 

Here’s an example of a CTV/OTT video ad QuickFrame created for Modern Fertility using existing photography, motion stills, and a customized voiceover.

Ready to expand your reach with OTT/CTV? Learn how you can find the perfect creators for your project through the QuickFrame Production Marketplace.


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