Use Effective Video Marketing To Connect With Gen Z

Marketing teams in all industries are often focused on how to best reach their Gen Z audiences. As the first entirely digital generation, Gen Z is used to a constant stream of quality content, so trying to get their attention can feel daunting. 

But, with an effective video marketing strategy, you can get (and keep) their attention. Here, we’ll explore the best ways to connect with your Gen Z audience with video content marketing

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What Content Types Resonate Best With Gen Z?

Creative User-Generated Content (UGC)

Gen Z users deeply value the opinions of their peers. In fact, Insider Intelligence found, “More than half (57%) of Gen Z … respondents said they were spending more time with user-generated video than with video streaming services.”

This is, at least in part, due to the social proof created by UGC. Popularized by a psychologist in the 1980s, “social proof” occurs when consumers see or hear about someone enjoying a product or a professional recommending a service, and that testimonial encourages them to want it for themselves.

With 80.2% of TikTok makers under the age of 24, UGC is a successful way to connect your Gen Z audience with people who are similar to them. You can use UGC for many video types, including product promotion, brand advertisements, and lifestyle content (just to name a few). 

For example, this Pokémon Go advertisement showcases a person who uses the app to engage with characters through a VR experience. By using UGC video and showing off the VR features of the game, this ad creates an exciting experience for the viewer and entices them to use the app. 

Social proof is critical to creating consumer trust in your brand, especially with Gen Z. If your potential customers know other people have used and enjoyed your product, they’re more likely to try it, too. 

Authentic Values-Based Content

Gen Z is passionate about their ability to change the world, including the impact they can have on the consumer marketplace. 

Snapchat found an overwhelming majority of Zoomers care about taking action to help improve the lives of others and the world as a whole, including shopping from ethical businesses that they can trust. 

In alignment with those who value collective progress, 70% of Gen Z respondents to a McKinsey survey make an effort to shop from companies they consider ethical. Because of this, it’s critical to discuss your values and how you take action on these values through internal and external initiatives. 

For example, in this FreshPet commercial, the brand discusses improving the lives of rescue animals. They discuss the issue, its importance, and what they’re doing to help. To wrap up the ad, they give viewers a call to action (CTA) to nominate their favorite rescue organization for a chance to win money, which drives potential customers to their website and engages with relevant organizations across the country. 

Engaging and Interactive Content

Since Gen Z users want to make a difference, they’re open to engaging with interactive content — especially when it allows them to make a statement on a topic they’re passionate about. 

Examples of interactive content could include: 

  • Encouraging your audience to make their own content, such as TikTok videos that follow a certain format or include a specific dance. 
  • Creating a “choose your own adventure” style video, which allows your audience to make decisions about their own experience. 
  • Including clickable components within your videos, such as shoppable product links.

However, not every video production needs to be explicitly interactive. Simply using engaging content to grab attention is still effective! 

For example, this Rosetta Stone video is the perfect example of an engaging advertisement. With a theme of Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland, they explore local words to know, share some facts about the celebration, and showcase common activities for the day. Though this video doesn’t explicitly have links to click on, it’s still an engaging video on an interesting topic and keeps viewers entertained! 

Whether your business is creating educational YouTube videos or a Snapchat advertisement, your video content should be interactive and engaging. 

What Video Types Should Your Business Consider Using?

1. Brand Videos

Since Gen Z wants to get to know your brand, provide them with authentic videos to showcase who your brand is, what you do, and what you care about. 

For example, Meta showcased a branding video filled with event coverage from their Fitness+ Wellness Summit. This allows their audience to know that, at least in part, Meta is focused on the wellness of their consumers. In addition, this video showcases Meta’s global connection with influencers, creating a more relatable experience for viewers. 

2. CTV and OTT Video Advertisements 

CTV and OTT advertising are both effective ways to reach your audience through video ads. Since 46% of Gen Z audiences consume streaming services on a TV or smart TV, these ads can get their undivided attention. 

For example, this Mercedes-Benz advertisement is the perfect ad to show when your audience is focused on watching a show or a longer video. With high-quality, eye-catching graphics, this digital-focused ad creates an almost game-like experience and is perfect for targeting your Gen Z audiences. 

Don’t forget about mobile optimization! Since 36% of Gen Z audiences watch streaming services on a mobile phone, your content should always be optimized for different formats. 

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3. Uplifting Video Content 

Since many Gen Z users turn to social media for relaxation and entertainment, your brand should create generally uplifting or positive video content. 

Video-first platforms have their own unique native experiences — ones users can’t find on other channels, which gives you the opportunity to connect with core audiences through the visual language they prefer. That’s partly why TikTok users overwhelmingly find ads on the platform to be fun and engaging, especially when compared to social channels that weren’t natively created for video, like Facebook. 

Calm’s message in the ad below is simple, yet incredibly appealing. With peaceful sounds, a serene background, and an actor simply looking around at the surroundings, Calm gets an effective and uplifting message across. 

Create Video Content Your Audience Will Love 

Whether you’re posting an Instagram Reel or want to join in on the latest TikTok trend, you need authentic and engaging content to reach Gen Z. 

That’s where we come in! With QuickFrame, your business can access an agile end-to-end video creation platform with data-driven insights to inform your campaigns and help connect you with your audience. 

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