Establishing Shots #3: Sean Riddick

Welcome to Establishing Shots, an interview series where we turn a spotlight towards the diverse talent that comprise QuickFrame’s Maker Community, emphasizing the personality and artistry behind some of our top video content makers.

Today, we’re talking with Sean Riddick, founder of Mini Studio, and a member of QuickFrame’s Maker Community.



Tell us a little about yourself!

I would like to think of myself as hardworking but silly. I am loud when I talk because I am from Philly and grew up with 3 brothers and 4 sisters but I am always willing to listen. I am loyal to my friends and wonderful wife Lianna and I have nothing but love for everyone.


Where did your journey as a content maker (or videographer, editor, etc.) begin?

My film career began when my friend Dwayne Walker put a camera in my hand in college. I didn’t think I could make a career out of it for years but when I got an internship at NBC in Washington DC, I knew that it was a real career.


What piqued your interest in the industry?

I studied Video Game Design and I felt that some of the 3D design skills that I’ve learned would help create great special effects for video. So I learned how to edit, film, and animate.

Establishing Shots 3
Example of creative produced by Mini Studio


Do you think there are any benefits with being a person of color in the video industry?

Yes, but it’s a double edged sword. Whether you’re doing something great or you make a mistake, I feel like it’s easier to get noticed in North America.


Do you think there are any complications that arise from being a person of color in the video industry? How have you overcome them?

I believe the biggest complication that arises from being a person of color in the video industry starts in school. By reading on the school to prison pipeline, I’ve learned that most predominantly black schools are currently not setting Black Americans up for a successful career. I have overcome complications by staying consistent and not focusing on what I don’t have, but focusing on what I do have.


Is there anyone that has been especially inspirational to you?

Nipsey Hussle was influential to me because he was from the streets and was not shy to show how many books he read, his work into the tech industry, and being cool while doing it. Also, reading James Baldwin helped me understand that the issues of today are not new issues.


For any non advertising work you do (narrative, documentary, music video, etc) where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from talking with other people, and God(not in a religious way)/nature. When I’m hiking, swimming, snowboarding, etc, I love looking at the colors of nature.


What advice would you give to a videographer, producer, writer, or anyone else who wants to follow a similar path as you?

Work on your goal a little at a time. It started out for me to literally spend 1 min a day on my goal about a year ago because I felt like I didn’t have enough time and now I’m busy all the time with the things that matters most to me and I am very happy.

Establishing Shots 3
Example of creative produced by Mini Studio

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