Establishing Shots #5: Victoria Ng

Welcome to Establishing Shots, an interview series where we turn a spotlight towards the diverse talent that comprise QuickFrame’s Maker Community, emphasizing the personality and artistry behind some of our top video content makers.

Today, we’re talking with Victoria Ng, a director and member of QuickFrame’s Maker Community.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’ve been in New York for 12 years and I’m originally from Toronto, Canada.

Where did your journey as a content maker begin?

Very organically. I started freelance editing while I was at grad school. Pretty soon, brands would ask me to create docu-style videos for them. And eventually by word of mouth, more customers started coming. Bigger brand asks and budgets, and it just made sense for me to start a production company where I could hire crew to fill in the gaps.

What piqued your interest in the industry?

I love storytelling and empowering people in front of the camera. I love to hear stories from interesting people and brands and thinking of ways to share them in creative and fresh ways.

Do you think there are any benefits with being a person of color in the video industry?

My favorite part of the job is being able to hire amazing talented people who happen to be diverse. To empower people in front of the camera as well as behind.

Do you think there are any complications that arise from being a person of color in the video industry? How have you overcome them?

I think the industry is slowly starting to course correct and see that we need to amplify the voices of diverse people.

For any non advertising work you do (narrative, documentary, music video, etc) where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from talking to people. I love New York for that reason. Everyone has a unique story.

What advice would you give to a videographer, producer, writer, or anyone else who wants to follow a similar path as you?

As a Director, I think it took me a long time to realize that there’s value in how you uniquely see the world and your own experiences. Just by the way you see and do things, you can create a community of like minded people to make things happen.

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