Establishing Shots #1: Ryan Mills

Welcome to Establishing Shots, an interview series where we turn a spotlight towards the diverse talent that comprise QuickFrame’s Maker Community, emphasizing the personality and artistry behind some of our top video content makers.

Today, we’re talking with Ryan Mills, Executive Producer at Rowlbertos Media and a member of QuickFrame’s Maker Community.

Maker Community Spotlight


Tell us a little about yourself!

Ryan Mills, 35, Executive Producer at Rowlbertos Media. I’ve always been a leader. “Ambitious” would be a great trait to describe me and that hasn’t changed. I’m still a kid at heart! Most of my days are filled with laughter and play, while maintaining focus and growing internally. Growing up in San Diego has provided unparalleled adventures, a diverse foundation, and a home for innovation.

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Where did your journey as a content maker (or videographer, editor, etc.) begin?

Instead of waiting for promotions, I’ve always looked to create opportunities for growth by taking on additional tasks and responsibilities that provide added value to the team. While working for a legal firm, I added a few notches to my resume and began diving into media buying and commercial ad placements.

Naturally attracted towards media and entertainment, my next career move would prove to be my best move. I joined forces with Production-House, Rowlbertos Media, where I started as a Media Sales Manager and now hold the title of Executive Producer. My journey has not only humbled me, but has allowed me to learn the inner workings of various businesses which in turn has made me well-versed.


What piqued your interest in the industry?

Having a voice! Long ago I was in sales & marketing and I always questioned… “How does the phone ring?”, “What did they see or hear to make them want to inquire?” As a maker, I am now feeding that funnel with creative production and that keeps me intrigued.


Do you think there are any benefits with being a person of color in the video industry?

Perspective! My eyes have seen different versions of what others may, or may not have seen. Being able to relay that effectively through my lens is paramount and at times beneficial.


Do you think there are any complications that arise from being a person of color in the video industry? How have you overcome them?

As an Executive Producer you look to mitigate risks and complications as much as possible. I view all complications as just that–complications that need to be addressed and handled in an effective manner. I typically overcome them via well-thought communications and open dialogue from all parties.


Is there anyone that has been especially inspirational to you?

Not really. Just everyday people. No particular person, all of us as creatives seeking to shape and mold our industry is what I find inspirational.


For any non advertising work you do (narrative, documentary, music video, etc) where do you draw inspiration?

I came up watching Spike Lee and Reggie Hudlin films. These films were huge in the black communities and still prove to be inspiration till this day. Music videos were a thing back in the day (90’s – early 2000’s) and Hype Williams was the MAN! I enjoyed most of his works, particularly how he transitioned to direct the movie, BELLY.


What advice would you give to a videographer, producer, writer, or anyone else who wants to follow a similar path as you?

Stay different! Today’s industry is extremely saturated and staying different should help you stand out from the norm. Another way to stay different is to niche down when starting. Start by finding an outlet that allows you to showcase your best skills and talents. Use that to springboard into your other creative ideas and concepts.

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