4 Best Video Types for Fashion and Beauty Marketing

In the wake of the pandemic, the fashion and beauty industry, like much of the world, was forced to take a major pivot, from promoting a closet’s worth of loungewear to allowing consumers to try on lipstick in virtual reality. 

Fashion and beauty faced significant challenges as many consumers experienced job insecurity and consequently had less disposable income to spend on things that aren’t basic necessities. Not to mention, people weren’t going out as much and simply had fewer reasons to dress up or put on a face of makeup. Marketing and PR directors of most companies in the space had to close stores, completely cancel launch events, and deal with production delays across the globe.

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So how did the industry respond? Digital marketing of course. To supplement the engagement they were losing, fashion and beauty brands invested even more into their existing online platforms for marketing as well as online sales. This is a trend that is continuing upwards even as brick and mortar stores began to reopen.

Marketers in the fashion and beauty industry are always looking for more content that will drive engagement and conversions on their websites and their social media channels. Video content is one of the best, most versatile ways to concisely convey your value proposition while delighting your consumers. 

Read on for the best video types for fashion and beauty brands.

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1. Product Spotlight

Product spotlight videos call attention to a particular product’s features in detail. These product videos can be used to further shine a light on your brand’s cult-favorite product or to give a lesser-known product a boost. Product spotlights are helpful for driving awareness and can be very versatile.

The most common mascara ads get right to point by listing off their product’s features and benefits. This is a  great, if simple, example of a product spotlight video. But on the other end of the spectrum is athleisure brand Fabletics’ promotional videos around their clothing collections. These videos typically walk you through each article of clothing in the collection, highlighting valuable features like hidden pockets, cool designs, or durability. These longer-form product spotlights are very helpful for the viewer to understand as much about the product as they can before they buy. 

Another type of product spotlight for a beauty or fashion marketing video is the minimal and short videos you’ll typically find on social media. For example, MVMT used QuickFrame to create the video below. No text, no sound, just MVMT’s logo, and their best-selling watch. They truly let their features and visuals do not just the talking, but the selling. It’s simple, yet highly effective.

2. User-Generated Content

UGC refers to customer-made content that conveys their authentic experience with your brand. These video types are very popular and for good reason. According to Power Reviews, “99% [of active beauty consumers] always or sometimes read ratings and reviews when shopping for beauty products online” and, “User-generated imagery and video is also key, with 38% saying it’s more important than before the pandemic.” 

Because fashion and beauty marketing is so saturated with competition, this kind of video content is critical for consumers to gauge your authenticity and quality as a brand. 

Take the below video by cosmetics brand Il Makiage, for example. They spliced together UGC related to their online shade matching tool. This is a perfect use of UGC because face makeup products that are skin tone specific are products that consumers may be reluctant to buy online without having tested it out in person. Hearing actual customers testify to how well their products match their skin offers credibility to the brand and their shade matching tool, which ultimately leads to a high conversion rate.

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3. How-to Videos

How-tos are videos that educate the viewer on how to use your product. This video type is a great way to give consumers a closer look at your product, highlighting the unique features that set it apart from the competition. They can encompass tips on style or maintaining the product, down to how to achieve certain make-up looks, or how to use a collection of products together. How-tos can also be essential for never-before-seen products from innovative fashion and beauty brands. 

How-to videos often feature a clear before and after to help guide the consumer through the journey of using your product. You want prospective customers to know that your product will give them their desired results. It’s one of the central reasons why How-To videos are great for driving conversions. 

For example, check out the below video QuickFrame enabled Aveeno to create. It’s concise and helpful while also showcasing the different stages of using the product.

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4. Cause-Related Brand Videos

Does your brand champion ethically sourced, vegan, non-animal tested products? Maybe you donate a percentage of your sales to charities that empower minorities. If you’re focused on making a positive impact in the world, don’t be shy about spotlighting that in a brand video. Be vocal, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but it’s becoming good business practice too.

According to Forbes, “…sustainable practices and fair wages for workers were top consumer demands for modern fashion retailers.” In terms of beauty, Marketing Tech says, “[Consumers] are making meaningful choices based on three main things: sustainability, suitability and inclusion.” For these reasons, cause-related brand videos are becoming more and more in demand by conscious consumers. 

People want to hear about how your products benefit society. In fact, it’s so pleasing to the consumer’s ear as of 2021, that it warrants video content that specifically communicates that. It really is that big of a deal. It shows that your brand is not just in it for the money but instead cares deeply about how your operations impact the global community.  

For example, check out the really cool video below by Covergirl. What’s great about this marketing video production is that the visuals are interesting and pleasing on their own, but lend themselves well to their very important message. The tone of their opening, “We often have to choose between the beauty products we love and the values we believe in. No More.” gets their message across in a simple and impactful manner that lets their consumers know how much they care.

Beauty and Fashion Marketing Video Types: The Takeaway

Digital marketing will increasingly become the fashion and beauty industry’s most engaging avenue for advertising as more consumers turn to buying online. From product spotlights to how-to videos, consumers want to be able to experience your products through video from the comfort of their homes before making a purchase. 

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