5 Best Types of Video for Health and Wellness Marketing

If there are three constants in the world, it’s death, taxes, and people not wanting to break their New Year’s Resolutions in January.

When I was working in Membership at the flagship YMCA in Austin, Texas, my team always braced ourselves for the beginning of a new year. Even if we didn’t run promotions slicing start-up fees, or discounting monthly rates, we never had to worry about growth in Q1 because the wellness resolutions that people invariably make on December 31st did that all for us.

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You may not run a gym, but if you are a brand that exists within the health and wellness space, no doubt you see an uptick in awareness and conversions at the start of every year. Maybe it’s signing up new members for your at-home exercise program, or seeing an increase in sales in workout equipment or vitamins and supplements. This increased demand for wellness products and services affects every level of this industry, no matter what your brand sells.

Even if “business as usual” will still be disrupted for the foreseeable future, you should take all the lessons you’ve learned throughout the pandemic and double down on them as the focus on health and wellness is magnified at the start of the new year.

As you and I both know, resolutions were kind of made to be broken, so you’ll probably see a dip in awareness and conversion as you make your way through Q1, but there is one way you can try and retain those new customers: video marketing.

It’s no secret that video is a critical part of digital communication, especially in the health and wellness space. If you’re a health and wellness marketing professional, you know your consumers are results-oriented. They want the skincare that will make them glow, the pre-workout powder that will boost their performance, and activewear that will improve their agility. Video is the best way to convey the results that your products offer.

Keep reading for the best types of health and wellness marketing videos.

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Best Video Types for Health and Wellness

1) Testimonials

Testimonials leverage the power of “social proof” by allowing your customer to share their firsthand experience. These kinds of marketing videos are the bread and butter of video content in this field. Just think about it, when was the last time you saw a skincare ad that wasn’t a testimonial? Again, health and wellness consumers are result-oriented so videos of customers who preach the results they got from your product are very likely to drive engagement and sales.

According to marketing analytics company Spectoos, “Statistics have confirmed that customer testimonials are the most effective form of content, coming in at an 89% effectiveness rating, according to a 2014 report, compared to other content types. A 2014 study found customers spend 31% more with businesses who have good client testimonials.”

With Quickframe, at-home lab test company Everlywell was able to create this testimonial video. Note how this video authentically establishes the need for their product as well as communicates a successful result.

2) User-Generated Content

In a similar fashion to testimonial videos, user-generated content allows your customers to share their first-hand experience using your products in an authentic and personal way.  User-generated content for health and wellness brands can include:

  • Vlogs (for in-person experiences)
  • Cooking or baking videos (for supplements and food)
  • How-to videos
  • Routine videos (how your product fits into a consumer’s routine)
  • Try on hauls (for activewear brands)

For brands with in-person services like gyms and yoga studios, videos of customers trying their services for the first time would also be a great way to share authentic positive experiences associated with your brand. 

Additionally, reposting or commissioning videos like the example below from health supplements brand Bloom is a great way to prove the versatility of your products and the loyalty of your audience. In the TikTok advertisement below that Bloom reshared on their Instagram page, they featured a customer showing off how to make a gummy recipe using their amino acid supplement.

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3) How-to Videos

If your health and wellness brand is focused on workouts or meditation, marketing videos or advertisements showing how to do an exercise can be incredibly engaging to your potential consumers. And after being stuck at home for the majority of 2020, more consumers than ever before are choosing to continue working out at home. According to Fortune, “Nine in 10 Americans who exercise regularly say they will continue with at-home workouts even after they feel comfortable returning to a gym in the future, according to a new survey from Beachbody, a Santa Monica–based health and fitness company.”  

These videos are very popular because viewers can feel the benefits of having a personal trainer from the comfort of their homes. If you own a gym or a fitness studio, using your facilities in these videos can pull double duty and potentially inspire your audience to join in-person classes as well. Exercise videos lead to high engagement, positioning your brand as an expert in the health and wellness space. 

For example, Orangetheory, a fitness studio franchise, features mostly at-home workout videos in their “Orangtheory at Home” YouTube series. This was a great way to satisfy their brand loyalists when their in-person locations were forced to close.

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4) Educational Videos

Educational video production is perfect for brands whose products are innovative or on the cusp of a new trend. These videos are especially important for vitamins, supplements, or skincare brands that want to be transparent about key ingredients they use that the general public may not know the science behind.

These health and wellness marketing videos are a great opportunity to educate consumers on why your product is better than the competition, and how it’s going to benefit their goals. It’s imperative that your brand offers educational content because your consumers and prospective customers will be doing their research.

Women’s vitamin company Ritual does a great job of differentiating itself in a saturated industry by bringing forth facts and research that both expose outdated industry practices and add credibility to their brand.

5) Explainer Videos

From using glue as a hair gel to trying to swallow pre-workout powder dry, we’ve seen our fair share of products being misused over the last year. Explainer videos simply take the guesswork out of your product, building brand loyalty through thought-leadership.

Not properly explaining how your health and wellness products work can easily lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Even worse, this knowledge gap can fracture trust in your brand. Why do you think some gyms like Planet Fitness offer to show new members around each of their machines? By properly explaining their services, they empower their members to have the confidence to work out on their own. 

Explainer videos are necessary for educating people on how your product works but experiment with different ways you can layer even more information to sell your offerings. For example, a brand could highlight the fact that their product works faster than others, is more versatile than competitors, or can be used at home. 

This video by Colgate was made with QuickFrame and is a great video ad example of the scope of information you can include in an Explainer. It’s succinct, educational, and subtly highlights the product’s best features.

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Best Videos For Health and Wellness: The Takeaway

The health and wellness space is an increasingly relevant industry that has been brought to the forefront of our minds after the pandemic. It’s so important that marketers in this field take the world’s heightened awareness of their health and well-being and make it the focus of their video marketing efforts. 

If you’re in need of more video to meet the demands of the information-hungry consumers in this space, QuickFrame is no stranger to marketing wellness products. Schedule a call with us today and we can help you make videos that drive results.

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