How Brands Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

The Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is one of the fastest-growing minority groups in America. Despite this increased visibility, members of the AAPI community are still underrepresented in advertising.

For example, while Asian-American and Pacific Islanders make up 5.7% of the populationand have a collective buying power of $1 trillion–a recent poll from Morning Consult discovered that 62% of Asian-American respondents only “rarely” or “never” saw people like themselves in print or video advertising.

AAPI inclusion in Connected TV (CTV) advertising has, therefore, become more important than ever.

Your brand can help by taking on an active role in showcasing the AAPI community, putting the values of equity and inclusion front and center in both ad content and promotional material through diversity in advertising.

The History of the AAPI Heritage Month

The month of May is regarded as the AAPI heritage month, dedicated to celebrating the diverse communities that fall under the AAPI umbrella. It began as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week, which was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. The first Heritage Week was from May 4 to May 10, 1979. In 1992, U.S. Congress expanded the commemoration to include the entire month of May.

AAPI Heritage Month is especially important today. According to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 339 percent since 2020. In response, activists and community leaders are calling for increased visibility, education, and funding to combat anti-AAPI violence.

Brands are in an ideal position to empower the AAPI community by signal-boosting the conversation with targeted video marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be an excellent way to join the conversation and help shape America’s diverse culture for the future. Also, audiences reward brands that demonstrate a commitment to anti-racist allyship.

Videos Created by Major Brands to Celebrate the AAPI Heritage Month 

When marketing to the AAPI community, the key is to speak from their perspective and focus on what matters the most to them.

Consider social values like diversity, equity, and inclusion when crafting content that specifically addresses what this growing community wants from brands. By centering AAPI voices in promotional and educational campaigns, these social values become a core part of your brand identity, driving lasting positive associations for your audience.

Here are some great video marketing examples where major brands have employed the above recommendations to create great video content celebrating the AAPI Heritage Month.

Celebrating AAPI Moments In Film | Netflix

This ad is a unique twist on the traditional brand commercial — it takes advantage of Netflix’s diverse library of media. A curated montage of clips celebrates the AAPI community while highlighting recent advances in Netflix’s programming to reflect the growth of AAPI-centered media.

While each clip stands on its own, when viewed in context, the overall effect makes it clear that there is not just one AAPI experience. With this video, Netflix reveals that they don’t just carry popular shows, they carry shows that speak to their audiences. No added narration means this video speaks for itself in communicating the appeal of Netflix to people from around the world.


In terms of video production, a brand commercial looks more professional than other types of ad content — but also has a higher price tag. You may find it to be a worthwhile investment, especially when considering the growth benefits of speaking directly to your AAPI audience.

Levi’s® Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

In this ad, directed by Korean-American Yong W. Kim, Levi’s has documented the creation of custom Trucker Jackets by AAPI employees. This culture video features a medley of autobiographical accounts that illustrate a variety of AAPI backgrounds while describing how Levi’s has facilitated the personal journey of each employee.

The togetherness and teamwork on display emphasize a fusion between one of Levi’s most signature products and the issues faced by those of the AAPI descent. Levi’s conveys its embrace of inclusive cultures with a nod to the challenges that still remain, impressing the viewer with their honest reveal of their diverse workforce and their passion for the Levi brand.


Culture videos represent a powerful way to position your brand as relatable and trustworthy. By delving into your employees’ unique histories, you can endow your brand with a human element that invites the viewer to empathize and engage.

AT&T Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month | AT&T

AT&T has created a compelling mini-doc that highlights the diversity of the AAPI community as it is represented within the company. It does so by centering on the personal histories of and challenges faced by AAPI leadership. This short take on the documentary format uses interviews, voiceovers, and footage sourced from the executives themselves to create an authentic narrative that establishes AT&T’s commitment to AAPI empowerment.

By showing how AT&T is headed by those of the AAPI descent, this video indicates that AAPI awareness is a core value of the company, giving the viewer a tour of how these AAPI executives leverage their backgrounds to enhance their professional skills, contributing immense value to the brand.


A major advantage of the mini-doc is that it can help you weave a captivating story with fewer assets than other formats may require. Stock and repurposed footage are a great way to keep costs down and ensure effective communication of your message. 

NASA Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month 2021

This testimonial video from NASA uses a series of piece-to-camera shots to introduce the stories of 16 past and present employees of AAPI descent. This format makes a personal connection with the viewer while embodying the diversified nature of the AAPI community.

Each speaker makes note of how their background helped their work at NASA and encourages others to consider joining NASA in their mission of space exploration and scientific discovery no matter what their background is. This video is notable for focusing not only on the AAPI issues but also on NASA’s support of the deaf community and those with other disabilities, illustrating their understanding of intersectional oppression.


Putting the people of your brand at the forefront with a testimonial-style video is always a great way to go. A viewer who is addressed directly is receptive to an intimate storytelling format that creates an emotional connection with the brand.

We Bare Bears: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month | Drawn To | Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has created an intriguing culture video that showcases the importance of ancestry to the AAPI community. Through colorful animation and interview-style vignettes, this video paints a picture of children connecting with their grandparents and great-grandparents for first-hand exploration of their heritage and tradition.

The unique format exemplifies Cartoon Network’s brand while putting a spotlight on positive values such as resilience and unity that resonate with the AAPI community.


Animation is an effective and affordable way to make your video advertising stand out. In this case, it also reinforces Cartoon Network’s specific brand offering while complementing its selection of photos, interviews, and video footage.

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