How to Get the Most Out of Customer Calls (Especially When Presenting Initial Concepts)

Welcome to Maker Corner, our series where we feature guest contributions to our blog from QuickFrame makers.

This month’s post is written by maker Fraidy Mandelbaum, creative director at Blinq Media.

Video calls can sometimes be a giant waste of time! You clean up the camera area (aka move all the junk out of the frame) and hop on a call. But so many times you end the call and are a tad more confused than when you got on.

I’m here to share some tried-and-true tips we at Blinq Media use all the time to get the most out of our customer calls!

Come prepared!

Have all the materials open on your screen so you’re not a flustered mess as you try to find that reference, brief or branding doc.

Look like a pro as you seamlessly glide through the documents and walk them through the process.

Give More, to Get More!

When it’s time to present a concept, the more details you can give, the more direct feedback you’ll get from the customer.

Instead of general ideas, show screenshots of what you’re thinking of. Write out the concept so it makes sense to the customer and is easy for them to engage with.

Explain to the customers how ‘Idea A’ differs from ‘Idea B’ and what the pros and cons of each of them are. This way you can get a clear sense of direction.

And if the customer is all over the map and isn’t quite sure, don’t be afraid to throw them the ball, like, “Hey, what do you think of these concepts? Which parts do you like/dislike?” It’s all about showing them that you’re here for discussions like that. 

Feedback is Your Friend

Customers may have their own ideas so be open to hearing them out!

Plus, assure them right from the start that you’re always open to feedback. This helps take the pressure off of them if they feel hesitant providing feedback of their own. Plus being open like this will automatically make them more receptive to hearing you out (and loving the concepts you present in the process!)


Sounds crazy (blushing right now!) but back when customer calls made my stomach burst out in butterflies, I would open a phantom video call and walk the customer through my concepts. I graduated this stage by now, but it was a tremendous help in the beginning! And even today when I land a project with an intimidating customer, I still talk to myself so I can be more confident on the call!

Remember to Have Fun

And of course, let yourself be creative! As long as you give that “Open to suggestions” disclaimer in the beginning, don’t be afraid to be creative and playful in your presentations! 

In a nutshell, the key to successful customer calls is to be prepared, open-minded, and willing to collaborate.

Hi! I’m Fraidy Mandelbaum, creative director at Blinq Media! Blinq is comprised of myself, my better half and whoever else we managed to rope in to help us out!

From when I was 10 years old, I was constantly creating stories through video. First it was with Microsoft power point and then I slowly moved through the channels to professional software. When I started out (as in school performances and local organizations) I had to get creative with limited resources. With no footage or photos from the customer, I learned to create “something” out of “nothing”. And that’s how Blinq was born.

At Blinq, we specialize in crafting custom content that aligns with our customers’ branding. From utilizing existing photos and stock footage to creating fully custom illustrations. Our focus is animation and post production projects. Blinq is always about the customer, and we’re truly humbled and grateful for each new experience!

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