How to Use Video in Your B2B Sales Approach

How can B2B video marketing elevate and accelerate the B2B sales cycle?

We met up with Charles Derupe, Sales Tools and Content Manager at Square, to chat about how video is used at Square Sales and to get his advice for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

Watch the video series and read his advice below.

How do videos help Square sell?

At Square Sales, we use video as a really powerful tool for storytelling. It helps our sales reps contextualize and inform the sellers that we are selling to. In addition to that, we also use video for internal onboarding training to really understand Square as a product.

Why use video in B2B sales?

A sales team only has a finite number of salespeople and those salespeople are going to have a limited amount of bandwidth in one day. Videos allow you to reach out to thousands of prospects in a way that is going to be consistent with your brand and is going to be shareable and digestible.

How does video add value to remote pitches?

If we’re on a 30-minute call, vidoes are a powerful way of taking back some of that time. Instead of talking about a product and doing a demo, we can use video to focus the discussion on how Square can impact a prospect’s business, really accelerating the sale.

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How does Square use video to share case studies?

By creating videos, especially around case studies, our salespeople are able to really bring to life the different Square solutions as an ecosystem. No matter what vertical you are talking about, you are able to really put a face and a company to that solution, so it’s not just disparate products that work by themselves—it really is one whole ecosystem.

What about product explainer videos?

Our salespeople also use product explainers to show an overview of how our products work. Again, it really goes back to how you are accelerating the deal and how are you saving time for your salespeople time to talk about the more important things. Videos that provide a general overview of the product, really do take that time back for them.

What advice do you have for B2B marketers or sales enablement professionals?

Really think about what impact means cross-functionally. At Square Sales, when we work with video content we work with our studio team, marketing, and product. Each one of these teams has a different idea and impact, but at the end of the day we all think about a quality customer journey. So whether that’s top of the funnel with marketing, deeper down in sales to talk about different solutions, or regaining trust with account management, videos really give a great idea of what the brand of Square is.

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