QuickFrame Selected For Hulu’s Creative Partner Program To Support SMB Advertisers

QuickFrame is thrilled to announce our certification as a Hulu Creative Partner, one of just four companies selected to take part in this new initiative. This partnership builds on Hulu’s recently released self-service ad platform, Hulu Ad Manager, and demonstrates just how committed both companies are to making advertising in a TV environment more accessible to small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs). 

The SMB segment is a critical part of the global economy yet often remains boxed out of TV advertising due to inaccessible spend minimums and expensive campaign production costs. As a result of this partnership, however, SMBs are able to unlock the tremendous value Hulu offers to advertisers, including a massive and rapidly growing audience, rich targeting capabilities, and a highly viewable, premium TV environment.

As a Creative Partner specially trained by Hulu, QuickFrame will make it easier than ever for SMBs to produce net-new video ads designed to run on the platform. QuickFrame’s solution matches SMBs with experienced production companies from its global Production Marketplace and then dedicated Customer Managers oversee projects from start to finish. The result? High-quality ads much faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional agency or in-house options. Finally, SMBs can launch original commercials that let their brand shine on the big screen, whether they start from scratch or edit existing assets.   

“Time spent viewing OTT and other streaming content has skyrocketed over the last several months as the novel coronavirus has forced millions of people around the globe indoors,” says Andy Everson, QuickFrame’s SVP of Business and Corporate Development. “We’re incredibly excited to be a Hulu Creative Partner and help SMBs take advantage of this business-critical advertising platform.”  

You can learn more about this new partnership by contacting us.

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