5 Ways To Create Inspiring Video Content for the New Year

The last few years haven’t been the easiest, so you’re likely looking forward to the feeling of a fresh start that comes with the new year. Or, you might be in disbelief 2022 is already coming to an end. In any case, this holiday is a great opportunity to connect with people through inspiring video content marketing

With the right video marketing strategy, you can inspire people both internally (your hardworking employees) and externally (your loyal, and hopefully ever-increasing, numbers of customers). 

Here, we’ll explore some inspiring New Year content ideas for businesses of all sizes!

Share a Year in Review

Everyone looks forward to looking back and seeing how their year unspooled through photos, music, and more, so join the party and share your business’s year in review. 

Video is a great way of looking back at the year, and doing so can create a sense of nostalgia, achievement, and excitement for what’s ahead. Think about using style elements as music, color, and editing pace in a creative way to make a powerful year-in-review video. 

Particularly since the COVID pandemic began, drastic change and uncertainty seems to be around every corner, so looking back at what you have accomplished over the past year can foster optimism for the year ahead.

Take a Look Ahead

Of course, you might want to do the opposite of glancing back and take a more forward-looking approach! There are many compelling types of videos you can choose to elevate your look ahead, so take the time to evaluate and figure out which types would be most effective for your business. 

Video can be a powerful way of envisioning your future and opening a discussion about your goals for 2023 with your employees. You can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation among customers for your new products and offerings. 

No matter your audience, your goal is the same: create a sense of excitement as you shape your company’s future. 

Showcase Your Products and Services

This time of year, nearly everyone is contemplating how they can make the year ahead a great one. Whether by setting goals or making resolutions, this is a powerful opportunity to showcase how your products and services can help your customers. 

For example, can your product help them meeting their wellness goals? Or, can you help them mark another location off their travel list with your travel arranging services? 

No matter what goal you can help your audience achieve, it’s important to create inspiring content, which can encourage an emotional connection between brands and customers. Leading with emotion is the right goal, but you should also make sure to go into some detail explaining why your products and services are so outstanding and why they’ll make people happy. 

Before you get started, take a moment to consider your audience’s expectations and craft a spot you know will resonate well. 

Celebrate With Your Audience

A simple, upbeat, and celebratory message of achievement or joy could be the right fit for your audience, whether it’s your employees or customers. 

If your employees work remotely, you can use video to create a sense of community among them. You can still make it in a creative and entertaining way, of course! 

One great way to spread the joy with your customers is by offering a specific promotion code, discount, or deal. “Come celebrate with us and get 20% off!” (or a similar message) will put your audience in the holiday mood — and encourage them to shop with your business. 

Even the simplest messages can be concise and entertaining ones! No matter your message, you may want to consider animation or other creative formats to make your video more engaging for your audience. 

Create a Positive Emotional Connection  

Think about the songs and movies that make you smile or shed a tear — and how you might shed a couple more tears than normal during the holiday season. 

Emotions reign supreme this time of year, which creates an opportunity for your business to connect more deeply with your customers. But when you’re contemplating how to craft your video for the new year, remember to lead with positive emotions. 

You have a lot of leeway with this strategy, ranging from a more comedic tone to an empathetic connection. No matter the tone you choose, it’s important to cultivate a powerful sentimental response to your brand and products. But let’s face it, it’s New Year’s, not Halloween — so you probably want to go with a lighter-hearted feel-good approach rather than a dark one.

Some of the most inspiring video content of all time has been simple and emotional. Big, primary emotions like fear and joy are what make ads memorable when it comes time for your consumers to buy. Plus, an emotional connection you create now can last all year. 

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Use Video Content To Connect With Your Customers All Year Long 

Of course, the holiday season isn’t the only time to connect with your customers with the power of video. But the traditional video production process can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly, making it nearly impossible for small and medium-sized businesses. 

At QuickFrame, we believe every business — regardless of size — should have access to custom quality video content. That’s why we created an agile end-to-end video creation platform, which connects your business with leading Creatives and production teams from around the world. 

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