How QuickFrame Integrates Into Any Marketing Team

If you’re familiar with the board game Catan, you know you need a maximum of 3-4 players just to play the game. 

But what if you want to play with five or six people, or build different structures so the game lasts even longer than it already does? That’s not something you can do straight out of the box.

Instead, you would need to buy an Expansion Pack that can unlock new features and resources that enriches the player experience – without completely rewriting the game’s rulebook.

In a way, QuickFrame is kinda sorta like an Expansion Pack (but, you know, for your existing marketing and video production teams.)

It doesn’t matter if you currently work with freelancers, an ad agency, or have a robust in-house studio, QuickFrame is explicitly designed to seamlessly complement–and frankly improve upon–the efficiency of your existing teams, whatever they may be.

Here’s how we fit in.

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The QuickFrame Approach

Global Video Hub QuickFrame's Platform

The only way you can keep up in today’s fast-paced, video-first media landscape is by streamlining your approach to video production and supporting your creative decisions with data.

That’s literally why we’re here.

QuickFrame is an end-to-end agile video creation platform. With our streamlined approach to briefs that prioritize ad creative, we can quickly match you with an appropriate content maker tailored to fit your needs. 

After we match you with a maker, our dedicated team will walk you through every step of the process, from pre-production through revisions down to the launch of your campaign. 

In addition to our Global Video Hub platform, QuickFrame surfaces data-driven insights through our creative analytics technology that uses machine learning to take the guesswork out of whether or not your video campaign will meet your KPIs. By analyzing thousands of content attributes – keywords, objects, talent, audio, and more – Video Vitals gives you insight into not just how well your videos are performing, but also why they resonate with your target audiences.

The core of QuickFrame though is supported by our Maker Community. Tapping into our global, curated network of production companies and freelance content makers will instantly expand the skill sets and bandwidth of your current in-house and agency teams. Working with experienced content makers who specialize in what you’re looking for speeds up production, giving you any number of on-brand, platform-specific assets for all your video marketing needs.

Creative Agencies

Creative agencies are a dedicated team of – for lack of a better words – creative types that help you strategize, design, and implement your marketing and advertising campaigns. Experts in their fields, they know exactly what levers to pull so your campaigns hit your target KPIs. Creative agencies can include Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Videographers, and more. Hiring a creative agency can help alleviate much of the anxiety in kickstarting a new marketing initiative by taking a lot of the nitty-gritty work off of your internal team’s plate.


  • On-brand consistency
  • Fluent in marketing-specific best practices
  • Offers an outside eye into your brand to help generate fresh video campaign ideas
  • Great for larger brands and their advertising needs


  • High prices for less content
  • Longer production timelines
  • Requires additional onboarding for brand-specific guidelines
  • Not great for smaller results-driven content like on social media

How We Fit In

We love creative agencies. Hell, we’re kind of one ourselves! But here’s where we are different: not only can we provide you with new creative ideas for your ad campaigns, but we can do it all for less than what you’re likely already spending for said agency.

More so, our dedicated team of Customer Support experts have a preternatural way of understanding your brand on a granular level that a bandwidth-strapped agency may not be able to accomplish at the speed you need.

Rather than dropping your agency entirely, we can help you scale content in places where an agency may not have the time to – like with iterative social media video advertising.

In-House Teams

According to Indeed, “An in-house ad agency, also called internal marketing, is a marketing department that operates within a business solely for that business’s brand. It’s popular for smaller businesses to use in-house ad agencies for their marketing needs, since they are cost effective and give businesses more creative and financial control over their marketing. Large businesses may use in-house agencies since they have complex marketing projects that involve larger budgets and more staff, so they can have more financial control over their campaigns.”


  • Lower costs than agencies
  • Total control over ad creative and brand voice
  • Faster turnarounds on campaign assets


  • Limited resources and employee bandwidth
  • Higher likelihood for gaps in necessary skill sets
  • May require allocating budgets to hiring new employees

How We Fit In

We’re not in the business of blowing up all of the processes that have historically worked for your company. We want to simply expand on what you have, so you can scale at the pace the industry requires.

Perhaps your team is strapped for time, or there is a certain skill a campaign requires that your teams don’t have the capacity to take on. QuickFrame fills in the gaps of your existing teams so that you have the ability to create more content, without overworking your dedicated staff.

Freelancers (Content Makers, Production Studios, etc.)

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. More than likely the person reading over your shoulder on the train or bus has done this as well: freelance. Freelancers like us take our passions into our own hands and bring it straight to individuals and brands that need it. My side-hustle is writing (naturally, hello blog post you’re reading) but for others it could be graphic design, visual storytelling, videography, or a combination of any one of the thousands of artistic disciplines that can have practical use in the corporate-sphere. By connecting with a freelancer, you have the flexibility of an in-house team, the creativity of an agency, all without having to drop a steep retainer or partnership fee.


  • Lower video production pricing
  • Easily diversify the talent you work with
  • More flexibility in finding makers with unique skill sets


  • Need to personally vet every new freelancer
  • Higher potential for communication and payment processing problems
  • Additional guidance may be required to ensure ad creative stays on-brand

How We Fit In

If you’re accustomed to working with freelancers, then you’re going to love working with QuickFrame. Essentially we act a lot like a freelancer marketplace…because we kinda are?

Here’s the thing though. Just daydream about all the pain points that you have had in the past working with freelancers. Vetting? Communications? Payment processing? All of that day-to-day stuff drops into our hands, and we make sure that the relationship between you and a freelance videographer, animator, or content maker is healthy, happy, and productive.

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