Juggling Life as a Creative Director and a Mom

Welcome to Maker Corner, our series where we feature guest contributions to our blog from QuickFrame makers.

This month’s post is written by maker Fraidy Mandelbaum, creative director at Blinq Media.

How to deliver amazing videos while juggling life as a mom…and how I did it when my baby boy was 7 days old!

Yup! 7 days old!

As a creative director and mom of 4, every day is a circus! And as I watched my business and team grow, I knew I needed to figure out a way I can be both, an amazing mom, and an awesome creative director.

First, I hired a rockstar project manager. With a solid team in place, checking out for my son’s PTA or simple doctors’ appointments finally became manageable!

Next, I broadened my pool of freelancers so that payroll doesn’t go up on a monthly basis but I still have the option of expanding the team when it’s hectic. These days, when deadlines coincide and we need additional team power, I simply message some tried and tested freelancers who are always more than happy to come on board!

Third, and most importantly, I committed to closing shop every day at 3 PM so I’m entirely present for my kids when they walk through the door. No emails, no calls, nothing!  Having a hard stop every day is so important to me! Besides allowing me to prioritize family, it also helps me stay fresh and invigorated every day without burning my creative engines. I must say, my clients have been nothing less than understanding and supportive of this commitment!

Back in May of 2022, my adorable baby boy was born! While I was in the hospital post-birth, I randomly checked out QuickFrames job opportunities and, on a whim, applied to one that looked particularly exciting.

A couple of days later, I was awarded the job!

In a split-second decision, I said YES!

The deadline was bordering on crazy and it was a pretty high-profile project. I dabbed on some makeup, prayed that the baby stays asleep, and joined a video call to meet the project managers.

Without my amazing team (and delicious lunches and suppers from the best eateries in town), I could never have pulled this off!

I called my project manager, gave over my creative vision, and went to swaddle my 7-day-old baby.

There were definitely some chaotic moments getting this to the finish line, but I was able to remotely manage the project, checking in here and there to ensure it was flowing smoothly (without touching a single video software).

The illustrator worked on the storyboard, the project manager took care of voice auditions and audio, and the animator put it together seamlessly. Having an amazing team in place allowed me to recuperate without giving up on exciting opportunities!

Hi! I’m Fraidy Mandelbaum, creative director at Blinq Media! Blinq is comprised of myself, my better half, and whoever else we managed to rope in to help us out!

From when I was 10 years old, I was constantly creating stories through video. First, it was with Microsoft power point and then I slowly moved through the channels to professional software. When I started out (as in school performances and local organizations) I had to get creative with limited resources. With no footage or photos from the client, I learned to create “something” out of “nothing”. And that’s how Blinq was born.

At Blinq, we specialize in crafting custom content that aligns with our clients’ branding. From utilizing existing photos and stock footage to creating fully custom illustrations. Our focus is animation and post production projects. Blinq is always about the client, and we’re truly humbled and grateful for each new experience!

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