The Benefits of Pro Bono Video Work

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This month’s post is written by maker Victoria Ng, a video director and editor who runs Stanton Productions.

For the last couple of years, I’ve really started to prioritize offering pro bono video work more consistently. It was a feeling that I wanted to give back. And the best way I knew how was through volunteering my time and expertise to initiate meaningful video passion projects. 

This month, Stanton Productions had the opportunity to partner with Brooklinen who hosted their first-ever pop-up event celebrating AAPI Heritage Month. This was a great opportunity to participate and support the AAPI community.

The recap video celebrates Brooklinen’s initiative in launching the event and highlights the many AAPI–founded vendors involved in the local community.

There are so many benefits I’ve found as a video director in offering pro bono video services so I want to share four with you:

Pro Bono Work Creates Community

As a full-time freelancer, you crave community. You can get caught up in the day-to-day of working for yourself that you forgot to reach out and participate in your community. Volunteering is an amazing way to do so. Supporting a cause you care about can make you feel more connected to like-minded people who share your values. 

Pro Bono Work Creates Opportunities

Donating your services can be empowering. Maybe you’re not currently getting the kind of opportunities you want. Create them yourself by partnering with a brand or organization you would feel proud to support. Working on a pro bono video allows you to be fully creative and execute your own vision. What better way to show other brands and potential new clients what you’re all about than producing passion projects that reflect your values? This is a great way to attract more clients that share the same values as you. Who knows which other brands may see your pro bono work and think of you next time they need to produce their next video campaign

Pro Bono Work Creates a Proof of Concept

Oftentimes for a brand or agency, it can be a struggle to get certain projects greenlit. Taking the initiative to do a pro bono video as proof of concept allows the brand to show the higher ups that their initiative is something worth investing money in. If the response is positive, they won’t hesitate to bring you on for similar initiatives in the future.

Pro Bono Work Creates Visibility for You and Your Company

For every pro bono video we produce, we ask for tags on all social media platforms the video is posted on in exchange. This is a great way to optimize the reach of your pro bono partnership. It also helps foster a long-term relationship with the brand.    

Overall, I’ve found that pro bono partnerships are mutually beneficial collaborations. I’m proud to support brands that are trying to push forward new ideas or committed to affecting change. Ideally, your work with the brand will yield press, provide proof of concept, and encourage a long-term partnership to support each other’s growth. 

So go out there and donate your time and expertise to participate in your own community!   

Hi! I’m Victoria Ng, a Video Director + Editor, and I run Stanton Productions. I’ve been working in the video production industry for a little over a decade. I started my career by running around New York City filming interesting people I met and telling their unique stories. Now with Stanton Productions, I get to continue doing what I love but on a larger scale. We specialize in producing compelling video content for brands that are short, sharp, and shareable. We partner with brands at every level to tell their stories in authentic and empowering ways.

The best part about my job is being able to build my own crew and work with super talented, hard-working, and diverse people!

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