Media Spend is Rising: Combat It with These 3 Tips

This blog detailing the increasing costs of media spend in the advertising industry is one of many articles discussing the future of video marketing in a data-deprecated world. Learn more about the changes:

Between Apple’s slate of iOS updates that introduced App Tracking Transparency, and the incremental phase out of the third-party cookie on web browsers, the state of data privacy is being turned on its ear. While these changes are bringing considerable autonomy for consumers to control how their data is collected and shared, it’s causing some major headaches for marketers.

The simple fact? It’s going to be a lot harder for marketers to target and track audiences across most devices and platforms. With restricted access to data, agile marketers will need to adapt to this reality of wading through murky digital waters to find their target audiences. 

But these data privacy changes are also having a side effect many marketers and advertisers predicted when these updates were first announced. Marketing campaign performance is being directly impacted as budgets deliver fewer and fewer impressions, causing media spend to rise at a rapid rate. Across QuickFrame’s own set of customers, CPMs on Facebook have jumped more than 26% over the first half of this year. And if your marketing campaigns are highly reliant on video content, that squeeze is even greater.  

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