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Believe it or not, we’re already at the end of 2022. From empathy in advertising to the continued growth of Connected TV (CTV), this year was certainly one for the books. 

Before we break out the confetti and wrap up the year, let’s take a look at our top 10 favorite videos made with QuickFrame this year: 

Hearst Media

Why We Love It 

We first highlighted this video back in January 2022, and it’s still just as powerful today. 

This Hearst Media advertisement — a Neiman Marcus and Bazaar collaboration — combines social proof and product marketing in a creative way. Since a fashion editor is driving this conversation, this video will likely inspire social proof and encourage potential customers to try the items themselves. 

In addition to being placed on the brand’s website, this high-quality creative can be effective across other platforms, including CTV and YouTube. As platform diversification becomes more critical, creating content to edit and use across multiple locations will help you create a more effective video marketing strategy


Why We Love It 

First featured in March 2022, this Roar video ad is a prime example of product spotlight marketing. 

Throughout the video, viewers are focused on the packaging and benefits of the product, while seeing the different flavors available. Plus, with bright colors, upbeat music, and creative graphics, this video idea hopes to create an emotional connection with viewers. After watching this video production, Roar hopes people will begin to associate positive, energetic experiences (like this ad) with the brand.


Why We Love It 

Also featured in March 2022 was this incredible animated explainer video from Getaroom. 

2022 proved to be an incredible opportunity for travel and hospitality brands, as many people began frequently traveling again this year for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

Getaroom used this opportunity to connect with their current and potential customers. Throughout this video ad example, an upbeat voiceover and creative graphics walk the viewer through the video while highlighting the benefits of Getaroom. Plus, this video shows viewers the different options they have with the business. Through a quick animated ad, Getaroom shows people how they can seamlessly use the website or quickly call and speak to a representative, whichever is best for them.

Why We Love It 

What can we say? We love a good animated explainer video. This ad was highlighted back in June 2022 and reaches a specific (but wide) audience: people who work from home. 

With this relatable scenario, can connect with their target audience in a way they understand and, likely, experience. Throughout the video, works in the background, showcasing their most significant value prop. With this video, they tell viewers: no matter what happens throughout your day, is there to make sure you never miss a second of a meeting or conversation. 

Not Your Mother’s

Why We Love It 

We first shared this how-to video in July 2022, as Not Your Mother’s was showcasing their products in an engaging and educational way through video marketing

With this video ad, Not Your Mother’s hopes to educate potential customers about their Smooth Moves hair product while simultaneously showing them the benefits and ease of use. 

One of the most effective parts of this video is how quick and concise it is. Viewers don’t have to spend extensive time understanding the product. Many ad spots across social media and CTV are brief, which makes this an incredibly effective ad across several different platforms. 


Why We Love It 

We first highlighted this Meta event coverage video in August 2022. Through this video, they show different elements of their Fitness+ Wellness Summit, which Meta hosted in California earlier in the year. 

This video showcases the people and activities present at the event to give viewers an inside look. While not everyone can attend, this event coverage video gives more people a chance to see the experience, which can benefit Meta’s brand marketing, PR, and communication initiatives. 


Why We Love It 

This Dice video was first highlighted in our October 2022 creative roundup. This 2D animation video uses several different elements to engage the audience. 

The first, of course, is the animation. While we don’t typically think of cute animations when it comes to hiring or tech, this video brings these aspects together in an interesting way. Plus, the voiceover helps guide the audience through the video with an exciting hook followed by a continuously captivating story. 

This type of video is an excellent example of how complex topics or industries can be creative with their video content. Though this video takes on the tricky subject of hiring in the tech industry, it proves this kind of content can still be engaging, informative, and fun. 


Why We Love It 

To celebrate their anniversary, Calpak worked with QuickFrame to create a brand-focused video ad, which we first shared in our November best videos roundup

Calpak combined a unique take on a popular social media trend and the company’s history to create an endearing video. While the audio is a successful element of the video, the visuals and voiceover throughout the video really bring it to life. 

This video allows users to feel like they’re gaining a deeper understanding of the brand while looking at the company’s history. By understanding how the brand and products have evolved, viewers can feel more connected to the brand. This connection can drive trust and loyalty to the brand. 


Why We Love It 

What can we say? November 2022 was a great month for CTV content — including this Rumpl ad, which effectively brings together many successful video elements. 

Through storytelling, product marketing, and a consumer focus, Rumpl draws in viewers with adventure-focused video content. While the story within this ad is about the consumer, every situation is made better by Rumpl products. 

Maybe most importantly, Rumpl uses this video to show that they understand their customers. Through relatable talent and experiences, the video will feel more familiar to viewers, creating a quicker connection between the consumer and the brand.


Why We Love It 

Most recently, this holiday ad from Samsonite stood out as we looked at our favorite December 2022 creative

As we said earlier, travel is booming in 2022. Many people are eager to return to their favorite places and share new experiences with friends and family. Samsonite used this data as an opportunity to connect with travelers through inspiring video content. 

Through this video, Samsonite isn’t directly telling people to buy their bags. Instead, as their tagline states, they’re encouraging viewers to: give the gift of “where to next?”. They’re inspiring adventure, which can be made possible by the right Samsonite luggage. 

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