10 Best Video Ads from the Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympic games have been long-awaited–they were originally scheduled for 2020, before the COVID pandemic pushed plans back to 2021–and so far they haven’t disappointed. 

In true 2020 fashion, these games have a pointed focus on social issues that have been at the center of our national attention for over a year and beyond. Athletes across disciplines have used their platform to shine a light on systemic injustices around the world, and in sports, like the disparities in how athletes of color are treated and spoken about publicly. Both Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles have shown the world that mental health comes first, while Sha’Carri Richardson has sparked the call for change to what is classified as a “performance-enhancing drug” after testing positive for cannabis ahead of the games. 

Beyond the social justice theme coursing through these games, there have been plenty of other memorable–and highly memeable–moments like the strange display of jubilation from Ariarne Titmus’ coach, the unexpected symphony of video game music that scored the Opening Ceremonies, and the first shared gold medal in 113 years

Needless to say, although this year’s Olympic games’ viewership has reportedly been 43% lower compared to the Rio games in 2016, it’s still been a huge buzz across the internet. One way or another, many Americans are tuning in–rather than tuning out– this year’s games. 

As video marketers, we’ve been paying close attention to the dynamic, engaging, and downright inventive Olympic ads that have premiered during this year’s games. Brands are meeting the moment by using their video ads to make impactful statements about society, culture, and the world that really strike that pathos chord, without losing their focus on the centuries-old spirit of the Olympic Games.

Funny, inspiring, and engaging, here are our favorite video ads from the Tokyo Olympics.

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We’re not crying, you are! We love the “looking forward” tone that XFINITY took with this one. It’s refreshing and reminds us all to dream with the intensity of a child with endless possibilities in front of them.

Perfectly apt for the social change we’ve seen over the last year, this ad featuring Simone Manuel (the first Black female swimmer to win individual Olympic gold) is educational and inspires feelings of hopefulness through stunning visuals.


Nike is back again with an amazingly inspiring ad that voices the dreams of the young generation. Checks all the boxes(features our favorite athletes, is relatable, has progressive messaging), and touches the soul.


While the US may bring home the most Gold Medals during this years games, this commercial reminds us that Japan is still #1–in the auto industry. This is such an engaging way to convey to viewers that Toyota is a forward-thinking, futuristic brand too.


This tear-jerker featuring Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long is visually stunning. It makes us wonder what the production process was like! This is also a great example of non-product marketing because it’s focused on telling a story rather than solely selling their vehicles.

Touching messaging and an emotionally engaging narrative make this commercial the sweetest we’ve seen.



Kevin Hart can make anything funny, even credit card commercials. 

What more can we say? This ad is simply hilarious and gives the clear message that Uber eats delivers anywhere.

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Unlike other ads we’ve seen, the featured celebrity–Usain Bolt–does all of the heavy lifting here, his star power-grabbing our attention. When the former fastest man in the world comes on TV you stop and listen!

Doesn’t it warm your heart when brands choose the perfect influencer or celebrity to promote them? Something just clicks as if they’re a match made in heaven. For NordicTrack, that influencer is Michael Phelps, whose continued advocacy for destigmatizing therapy and mental health makes him the perfect spokesperson for a health and wellness company that produces exercise equipment, like Spin Bikes. 

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The Olympic Games is an amazing event for the world to watch together after such hard times. What’s even more amazing is how brands took that stage and spoke to the world with bold and impactful video marketing. That’s what we like to see here at QuickFrame.

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