10 Video Marketing Benefits for Growing Your Business

Marketing is all about forming emotional connections with your audience, and there are fewer better ways of connecting than through the power of visual narrative that video affords. Here’s what you need to know about the many benefits of video marketing and how it can grow your business.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing simply means using video to promote your brand or product. It can also be used for related goals, such as building brand awareness or authority. If you’ve watched an explainer video on the merits of a certain product or been forwarded a funny viral video that turns out to be sponsored by a company, then you’ve engaged as a consumer in the world of video marketing.

But why should brands develop a video marketing strategy? Here is why video marketing can be a crucial tool for growing businesses.

1. Videos Give You a Chance to Rank on YouTube

In 2021, YouTube had 1.86 billion users. In the U.S, 73% of the adult population watches videos on YouTube. If you want to put your product in front of a good proportion of the world’s population, video marketing on YouTube can be revolutionary for your business.

2. Videos Are More Likely To Get Shared and Go Viral

You may not have to cast your mind back too far to remember the last time a friend or family member sent you a video and told you: “Watch this!” Viral videos are entertaining, funny, and/or emotional, bite-sized content. And best of all, they’re great to bond over with loved ones, which is another huge advantage of video

Sometimes viral videos are unbranded — like silly TikToks or cute kitten videos. Nowadays, however, more often than not, the high-quality video production you see is performed by ad agencies. Some may be high-budget, while others may be more modest in scope, but they’re all united by their ability to engage viewers and provoke some kind of emotion in them.

It’s hard to think of another medium that’s as instantly appealing to audiences of different ages and backgrounds all over the world as video. That’s because the narrative is universal.

3. Videos Can Improve Your Brand’s Image

Tied to the point above, think for a moment about brands you admire. Chances are their reputations have been enhanced by their video marketing. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of the classic 1984 Ridley Scott ad for Apple that made you want to buy a Mac or one of countless memorable Nike campaigns featuring Michael Jordan in motion that made you want to buy Air Jordans. Or maybe your favorite brand has another affable pitchman or celebrity who brings good vibes and product appeal.

You may no longer even make the association consciously. But video is powerful — which is why brands also pay so much money to have their products integrated into TV shows and movies. If you don’t have that kind of budget or if your goals are more specific than product placement would allow, don’t worry.

Well-made videos are apt to burnish your brand’s image just as well. Here are a few types of videos that can help:

  • “Explainer” videos can establish your brand as a voice of authority. 
  • Testimonials and user-generated content (UGC) can show real people saying how your product has improved their lives and using your product in everyday settings.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos can take viewers into your production process and show them something wonderful. For example, if you’re a food company, you can show raw ingredients that go into the final product. That kind of association can give a halo to your product that generates ongoing goodwill — and sales.

Need some inspiration? Check out these video ad examples.

4. Videos Keep Users on Pages for Longer

The importance of video marketing for user engagement is often overlooked. Eventually, most website users get tired of just scrolling through text and move on. While many people spend a good deal of time online every day, they tend to scroll and flit around. The best way to keep users engaged is with multimedia, like video. 

Video adds variety, but it also makes it more likely that your point will sink in more thoroughly and in a more entertaining fashion. This is because video presents information in a way that typically has more emotional weight than traditional marketing methods.

5. Videos Heavily Influence Buying Decisions

According to Google research, consumers rely heavily on video when making purchase decisions. Here are some of their findings:

  • Over 90% of respondents said they find new brands of products on YouTube.
  • Over 50% of shoppers say online video has helped them make specific decisions about what they are going to purchase.
  • Over 40% of global shoppers report buying products they discovered on YouTube.

You can see why Google thought YouTube was an investment worth making. The global marketplace is now accessible to everyone — so long as you can make a video with the right appeal to your audience.

6. Videos Attract Backlinks for SEO

As you probably know, backlinks are links from one site to another. Backlinks are important from a search engine optimization (SEO) point of view because they bestow credibility: Every backlink is like a vote from another site. 

That boosts your site’s SEO ranking for Google and other search engines. Videos are important on their own, but they also play a crucial role in SEO when potential customers search for “best X near me.”

7. Videos Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

Improving email engagement is one of the most powerful video marketing benefits. Like everyone else, you’re probably inundated with emails from every brand you’ve ever shopped with — and many more you haven’t. But videos can grant those emails a sense of personal connection and intimacy, helping them to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Videos add a sense of polish and professionalism.
  • As you can convey a good deal more information through dialogue and visuals, videos allow you to keep your written text short and to the point.
  • From a visual processing point of view, video vastly reduces the clutter and potential overwhelm your email recipients have to overcome, making them more likely to consider what you’re selling.

8. Videos Boost Social Media Success

Viral videos may be the holy grail of video marketing, but even modestly successful videos are built for sharing. Social media is a largely visual medium. Captions and context help, but mostly you’re watching — even Twitter, whose platform is largely founded on short word snippets, features a lot of video and image ads.

9. Videos Influence B2B Decision Makers

It’s not just potential consumers who are watching videos on social media. About 74% of B2B marketers say they get a better response from video than from static images, and 73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts their ROI. Those are certainly compelling video marketing statistics for any B2B marketer looking to reach their peers. Learn more about B2B video marketing.

10. The Future Is Mostly Video Content

The pandemic increased the importance of video in marketing exponentially since there were long stretches in which you could do little but watch video content indoors. Americans have been cutting their cords in record numbers, but that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning video content: On the contrary, they’re shifting toward streaming services like Netflix, Apple, Disney+, and all the other usual suspects via Connected TV (CTV). 

Many people now watch video on demand on their phones, tablets, CTV devices — or some combination of multiple screens at once. On average, viewers spend 100 minutes a day watching digital videos, and 92.6% of global internet users watch digital videos each week. Failing to join the video party means potentially missing out on a large share of your target market.

Producing High-Quality Video at Scale

To engage viewers’ attention, video content needs to be high quality and match the visuals and interest level of the programs and videos you’re excited to be watching. 

No marketer wants viewers to tune out and get bored or frustrated when they come to the ad or try and skip it. That means you need fun, relatable content and a polished production. At the same time, you have budgets to stick to, and it won’t help anyone if you exceed them.

Partnering with QuickFrame can help you achieve your aims as a video marketer. QuickFrame knows video production, from the planning stage, all the way through pre-production and post-production, and is committed to making high-quality video accessible, affordable — and fun. QuickFrame is an expert at producing high-quality video at scale, meaning that you can get the most out of a well-planned, efficient shoot, then use that footage to launch a multi-channel campaign that can work for B2B, on social media, or on CTV. 

Every medium has its challenges and demands, technical and otherwise, but QuickFrame knows how to approach those different needs with imagination and skill. 

And if your campaign doesn’t connect the way you hope at first, QuickFrame can use the power of data to keep reshaping and iterating your campaign until you reach your campaign’s goals (and hopefully exceed them!).

Learn more about our intelligent video production platform!

Video Marketing Benefits: Final Thoughts

In our increasingly digital world, creating powerful connections with consumers is more important than ever, and video marketing empowers consumers to do just that. Video marketing is hugely important and will only grow in the foreseeable future.

It’s compelling, it’s ubiquitous, and for all the reasons listed above, it works for B2B and B2C marketing.

Chances are, watching videos is how you relax, learn, and bond with your friends and family. So it makes sense that it’s how you market, too. Get in touch with QuickFrame today to learn how to make the benefits of video marketing work for you!

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