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Video Marketing Creatives We Love (Jan. 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently made across an array of industries and use cases. This month, see how brands are diversifying and experimenting with IG Reels and OTT, and get inspo from two awesome eye-catching social video ads.


Instagram Reels Video Ads

The Goal.

Longtime partner Freshpet needed Instagram Reels video content to diversify their social media mix. To feel native to Reels, the creative had to lean into the entertainment factor, as opposed to focusing on brand or product.

The Process.

QuickFrame connected Freshpet with a New York City-based creator in our network who handled concepting and execution. Because of Reels’ relative novelty, Freshpet experimented with two separate approaches to generate learnings: one set of concepts was more product-focused while the other took a storytelling-based approach. Live footage was captured using 2 families (and 2 dogs) over 2 days, with 6 total videos produced.

Why We Love It.

Who can’t resist a cute pup? Freshpet’s foray into Instagram Reels is light-hearted and fun, fitting in naturally into the Reels environment. 

Diversifying your social media strategy with a mix of ad buys within and across platforms will be key in 2021. Platforms are prioritizing video, which drives more engagement than any other content type. According to an Instagram rep, the algorithm favors accounts with a constant and diverse stream of content, so add testing on IG Reels to your 2021 strategy.


Experimenting with OTT

The Goal.

Capitalizing on the increased OTT video consumption we’ve seen over the past year, natural hair growth brand Vegamour tapped QuickFrame to create their first-ever OTT/CTV spots.

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The Process.

Vegamour gave QuickFrame a few notes, which we turned into 3 different concepts with the help of a Portland, OR-based creator in our network. To generate learnings, Vegamour decided to test two different concepts, looking at variables such as narrative approach and number of talent. 

QuickFrame captured all of the footage needed for both spots in a single shoot—a cost-effective way to test broadcast-quality spots. Vegamour went from idea to finished products in just 4 weeks.

Why We Love It.

As the coronavirus pandemic kept us at home and on our couches, traffic on streaming platforms flew off the charts. OTT/CTV has many of the same targeting capabilities of traditional digital channels, making it an attractive (and not necessarily expensive) buy to diversify your performance mix. 

With thorough pre-production planning, you can cost-effectively produce a number of OTT spots from a single shoot to test variables. Plus, OTT videos can easily be cut down and repurposed for social or eCommerce


B2B Videos for Facebook & Instagram
HCT Group

The Goal.

B2B end-to-end solution for the Beauty industry HCT Group needed high-gloss videos to support a product launch and drive sales on Facebook & Instagram. HCT Group wanted a thumb-stopping video that was stylistically cutting edge to grab attention, yet still communicative of technical product specs.

The Process.

QuickFrame paired HCT Group with a Phoenix-based creator experienced in the Beauty sector who handled all production, including casting. The spot was shot about a week after it was greenlit, and HCT had 3 ready-to-publish social assets just 2 weeks later.

Why We Love It.

We love how this video blends (pun intended) stunning visuals with awesome music to keep viewers hooked from the first three seconds. Although it’s a B2B, HCT Group knows they can find their targets on Facebook and Instagram. This creative is also flexible enough to be repurposed across platforms and channels, including website and e-mail. 


Eye-Catching Social Media Marketing
Roar Organic

The Goal.

Roar Organic needed to drive awareness for their all-natural fruit-flavored bottled drinks with a plan to publish on Facebook and Instagram (In-Feed and Stories). Launching in Wegmans, Roar Organic wanted to highlight the flavors and key value props of their drinks to target a health-conscious consumer. 

The Process.

With a fast turnaround in mind, Roar Organic gave QuickFrame product photography to quickly produce visually interesting videos using post-production techniques. An NYC-based QuickFrame creator ideated 3 different concepts for testing, creating 6 total videos in just two-and-a-half weeks.

Why We Love It.

In a content landscape that’s more saturated than ever before, you need to ensure your creative feels urgent and new. Roar Organic’s social videos use captivating motion to pop in any ad placement. Plus, this project showcases the ease with which static assets can be enlivened with motion graphics.

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