Client Story


QuickFrame partnered with Backstage to provide our Maker Community with casting resources that help streamline the video production process while bringing in new job opportunities to Backstage’s core audience of actors, voiceover artists, models, and content creators, among other production-related jobs.

Brand Story

Backstage is an end-to-end casting platform that makes it easier than ever to hire actors, voiceover artists, content creators, models, and more. Since 1960, they’ve been a trusted resource for talent to find work and for video makers and production teams to make projects happen.

The Partnership

Backstage and QuickFrame want to bring their respective audiences together to exchange resources, streamline the video production process, and scale content creation.

QuickFrame promotes the partnership and refers its users while marketing Backstage as a valuable casting solution with the goal of driving new users and more casting notices to Backstage’s platform. Backstage provides QuickFrame Makers with a promo code to gain complimentary access to post casting notices, with additional benefits to maximize output using their feature listing tool.

In combination, QuickFrame Makers are provided educational materials that help streamline the video production process and enhance their ability to scale content creation while decreasing production turnaround times.

Gabrielle Hamann

Brand and Commercial Casting Specialist at Backstage

“Casting is an important part of the production process. QuickFrame has been pivotal in conveying this message and sharing our resources with their creative community, which has brought valuable casting and job opportunities to Backstage.”

The Results

Following the rollout of the partnership, Backstage received 22 job postings from QuickFrame Makers, which far exceeded initial expectations for the first phase of the new program. After the first review, Backstage expressed how happy they were with the initial numbers and the two teams began working together to increase activity. This included distributing more information about the program to QuickFrame Makers, along with providing on-demand information for future reference.

While many of these posts were for social media or UGC-style videos, QuickFrame Makers work on video content for every industry, brand, and objective, creating a wide range of opportunities for the Backstage audience. 

Sonja Smith, Voiceover Casting Specialist at Backstage, said, “QuickFrame has been an amazing partner to help us reach an engaged audience of creatives. We value our partnership and the jobs QuickFrame Makers are posting to our platform.” 

Additionally, Backstage participated in a webinar for QuickFrame Makers to provide valuable casting advice for video makers and production teams. This webinar included information on Backstage’s key features, including the casting dashboard, collaboration tools, and in-platform payment options for talent. They also shared guidance on talent costs and effective UGC pricing based on usage rights.