Client Story


Investing is complicated. Stash wants to make it more thoughtful and approachable. We helped Stash produce a wide range of video creative across dozens of content formats month-over-month, achieving a 1.5-2x lift in performance.


Stash was created to simplify the convoluted world of investing for the modern consumer - curated, approachable, and available anywhere and anytime. Choosing from handpicked investments, users can build a portfolio that reflects what they believe in, giving them greater peace of mind.


Stash needed to hone their voice and cost-effectively produce a wide range of video creative for both direct-response and branding/engagement objectives. They tapped QuickFrame to develop and produce dozens of content formats month-over-month, while also supporting a creative A/B testing methodology.


10 +

Different creative formats tested

1.5 - 2x

Lift in performance

8 +

Channels addressed with unique video

Dale Sperling


By working with QuickFrame, we've been able to use creative as a driver of campaign performance optimization. We've done some of our most innovative and best performing creative with QuickFrame. Their speed and cost has been an important ingredient in our A/B testing methodology, and we see them as a consistent and scalable partner for improving our CAC overall.