Holiday Customer Story


QuickFrame worked with Freshpet to bring their concept of "kids telling holiday stories in their own words” to life as part of their holiday campaign focused on driving brand awareness during a critical shopping season.


Founded in 2006, Freshpet makes fresh and all natural refrigerated dog and cat food in the U.S., and is the fastest growing pet food brand, with refrigerators in over 16,000 stores. Its mission is to bring the power of fresh food for pets everywhere in ways that are good for pets, people and the planet.


Freshpet wanted to develop a campaign that would utilize fun and shareable content to grow overall brand awareness and deepen connections with existing and new customers. In order to bring their concept of “kids telling holiday stories in their own words” to life, Freshpet needed a series of videos that were short, snackable, and easy to share with others.



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Karina Delaine

Senior Content Marketing Manager

With QuickFrame we always find a maker or small agency with the creative expertise we need. This time around we worked together to craft a series of Holiday videos that were short, “snackable” and easy to remember and share with others. On Facebook we reached 7.9MM people which was 18% greater than our project the year prior and brought our CPV down -52%. It was a big win for us and hope we can continue delivering holiday videos that delight the right audience.

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