How to Win Projects

Best Practices for Makers

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Step 1:

Complete Onboarding

  • Pass your interview call with the QuickFrame Onboarding Team
  • Complete all sections of your profile and upload several video files of your work (no reels or links, please!)
  • Pass the QuickFrame Basic certification course
  • Note: Once your application is submitted, it may take a day or two to update your status.
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Step 2:

Submit Strong Project Applications

  1. 01
    Budget: Apply with a competitive budget, within or below the recommended range
  2. 02
    Pitch: We do not suggest that you submit applications with concept ideas, talent, crew details etc. We want the application process to be as low touch and efficient for you as possible.
    • Aside from best practices, it's imperative that you focus on projects that directly match your expertise and you can prove you'll be able to execute.
    • Based on the brief requirements:
      • What special skills, capabilities or connections will enable you to accomplish this specific project better than others?
      • What experience do you have in this business vertical/client/brand type?
      • What experience do you have with either this platform or production style?
    • Assuming it's a pet food brand, your pitch might look something like the following:
      • "My team is a great fit for this opportunity because we've worked with several pet food brands like Purina and Chewy in the past, those examples are attached to this application. I have a longstanding friend that owns a talent agency that specializes in pets, so I would have no issue pulling multiple options for the customer to review. We have also delivered several videos to Meta and can lean into the relevant creative on the platform, some of those examples are also attached."
    • Following these best practices won't guarantee you a project, but will maximize your chances.
  3. 03
    Production Schedule: Propose a fast, attainable & efficient timeline
  4. 04
    Video Examples: Showcase references that match the tone and style required for the brand & project