Top Video Marketing Trends for 2021

Top Video Marketing Trends for 2021

After 2020, any marketing playbook you may have had has been thrown out the window. Staying the course is out of the question when the entire landscape has been reconfigured. So what now?

In partnership with SurveyMonkey, we surveyed 166 U.S. marketing professionals at brands with a monthly marketing spend of $100,000+ to see what’s in their plans for 2021.

Among the findings in our latest report, you’ll find:

  • which topics are top of mind for marketers as they strategize for the year ahead;
  • how COVID-19 is predicted to impact marketing functions;
  • key video marketing predictions for Linear TV, OTT/CTV, eCommerce, and social media;
  • and, QuickFrame’s expert recommendations on how to drive business growth with your 2021 video marketing strategy.

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