Product Releases
Enhancing Your
Platform Experience

Our Product Team is constantly releasing exciting product updates and features for makers who use our platform. Keep track of them here.

Beginning today, following a project’s completion, you will be asked via email to leave your ratings & reviews in-app on the QuickFrame platform! You will also have the option to leave reviews of historical projects for work you’ve already done.

We believe this update will provide a better user experience for you, and it will help to inform future project matches.


Previously, a Client Success Manager would reach out to you requesting a review.

  • Now, you will be able to provide reviews directly in-app once a project has been completed.
  • Step by step:
    1. Makers will be encouraged to leave a review in their “project completed” email notification.
    2. Click the button to be directed to the Ratings & Reviews page in-app to leave your review.

Starting today, you will notice a section in each project application that requires you to select work from your profile that is most relevant to the specific project for which you’re applying.

Relevant portfolio references are the strongest piece of information that you should add to your project applications. When selecting the right maker for a project, QuickFrame will favor makers who have references that align with the visual examples in each brief. These should demonstrate:

  • An applicable skill set
  • The ability to attain the desired quality level
  • Visual style
  • Experience within the client’s business vertical

Adding these references is simple and easy. First, make sure that you have a broad set of videos uploaded to your QuickFrame profile. From there, select the relevant videos you’d like to highlight when applying for a specific project.


1. Platform Messaging
Platform messaging between Makers and our Client Success team is now live! As a maker, you can now message our team about:

General inquiries (i.e., “How do I change my password?”; “How can I improve my applications?”)
Questions specific to individual projects or opportunities
You can begin using the messaging function by navigating to the bottom right of the page in the platform. Once you begin a new chat, you can specify whether your question is a general inquiry or ties back to a specific project or opportunity.

This feature will go a long way in speeding up and improving communication between makers and QuickFrame users!



2. Re-bidding & Bid Cancellations
We want to ensure that makers have greater flexibility when it comes to applying for projects and submitting bids.

Whether you’d like to add key details into an existing application or want to fine-tune some of your responses that might be misunderstood by our team, you now have the ability to edit your bids on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, you can also cancel your bid if you want to be removed from consideration.

You can find these options available when clicking on a specific application.



3. Security Upgrades
We have taken additional steps to make our platform more secure and protect your privacy. As a result of these updates, you may have been prompted to change your password following a recent sign-in. This is normal!

For any makers who haven’t logged onto their profile in a few weeks, expect to get this prompt the next time you sign in.