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MNTN | Platform Expert

MNTN Best Practices

When creating a Performance TV ad, you’ll want to catch viewers’ attention right away. Include a hook — such as critical information and/or branding — within the first couple of seconds of your video. This will ensure your audience is tuned into your ad and ready to watch until the very end. 

You want your ads to stand out because they resonated so deeply with your audience — not because they were low-quality and created a jarring experience for viewers. Your CTV ads are airing alongside premium inventory, so you’ll need to craft high-quality ads that fit into the streaming ecosystem seamlessly. 

Make sure your branding is front and center in CTV ads. Brand messaging, a logo, and/or product visuals should show up within the first few seconds of the video. Maintaining branding throughout the ad, like with a persistent URL, keeps your business top of mind for viewers.

Most CTV viewers watch shows with the sound on, so streaming video content should always be designed with audio in mind. That said, you’ll also want to use accompanying text and graphics to ensure your message is easily digestible through visuals (particularly for accessibility), just like on other video-first platforms.

Keep a clear, direct call-to-action (CTA) in every spot to encourage viewers to take whatever action you want them to take. Because TV screens aren’t clickable, CTAs on CTV are a bit trickier than other video-first platforms, so you won’t be driving clicks. Instead, entice viewers with what they need to know and invite them to your website for more information.