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Instagram is Now Reel Serious About Video — Are You Ready?

Video is no longer a nice-to-have luxury - it is a key function for advertising on Social Media, especially with the shift to Reels becoming the dominant format for Instagram. And as more platforms pivot to video-first experiences, the highest performing ad unit, time and again, continues to be–you guessed it–short-form-video.

We Know What Works, And That is Fresh Creative.

Regardless of the sweet, sweet KPIs you want to hit, it’s never been more important to have a quick scalable method for producing endless streams of fresh, on-brand video content for the latest (and not to mention one of the biggest) video-first social media platforms around.

And with QuickFrame, our support team has been the first in video-first since, well, ever. That means you can nail Instagram’s new Reel vibes literally right now. Don’t get caught playing catch up. Get Reels that perform in weeks, not months, today.

Already know what you want and ready to kick things off?

A few brands we've worked with


Why should I use QuickFrame to make Instagram ads?

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Access to a professional creator network that understands the user experience and aesthetic of Instagram

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A more agile streamlined video production process

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Creative optimized to drive conversions on Instagram

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Opportunities for continuous A/B testing

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Capability to refresh video quickly and often

Getting Started is Easy…

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    Select a package that works for your needs

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    Fill out the brief

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    QF will match you to the right creator and get started

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    Review and approve

  5. 5

    Go live

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    Test and iterate

Instagram Packages Overview

Concept Thought Starters

Know what package you want but still not sure where to start creatively? Take a look at some of the best performing Reels on Instagram to help get some inspiration.


Do you have a physical product? Try one of these concepts.

Other Offering

Do you offer a service, have an app, or don't have a physical product?

Case Studies

Check out these brands we have worked with on Instagram. See how they were able to test different concepts and versions and reach their audiences with a variety of content.


"Colgate just introduced its first Direct to Consumer Advanced LED Whitening Take-Home Kit to the market, a brand that has its own unique presence amongst the many tried and true colgate products. They needed videos to promote the product onsite and via social channels, and video to inform post-purchase consumers on the proper steps for how to use the new product. QuickFrame devised a robust testing plan in which creative variables were tested each week, and then the learnings from those tests determined the creative used in subsequent weeks. The videos brought the brand to life with beautiful product shots, lifestyle shots, unboxing videos, GIFs, and tutorial videos for a successful product launch."

Case Studies

Check out these brands we have worked with on Instagram. See how they were able to test different concepts and versions and reach their audiences with a variety of content.


"Following the launch of their “Butter Blend” product line, Stance was frustrated with the performance of their creative. They sought out a partner who could intelligently develop new creative on a limited budget. Stance was interested in testing more than one approach due to their experience with the first iteration. QuickFrame developed a testing strategy that involved multiple video formats (Live Action and Animation) with multiple variations. By creating four unique videos sharing the same "Butter Blend" messaging, Stance was able to increase ROAS while also deriving learnings to apply to future initiatives."


Colgate Logo

“The QuickFrame team is always a pleasure to work with. They jump into action immediately, and are dedicated to getting the content to be exactly what is needed. I also appreciate the speed and flexibility they provide - could not have hit deadlines without them!”

Jil Shah · Direct to Consumer Lead at Colgate
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“We've had a great experience with QuickFrame! We hired QuickFrame to help create video content that would drive efficient conversions, they stepped in and made the process incredibly easy! They're fast, cost-efficient, innovative with their testing ideas, and great to work with. We've been very impressed with the entire experience, especially performance.”

Martie Kuzzy · Performance Marketing Manager at Andie
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“We've been working with QuickFrame since 2016. Freshpet is now able to turn over more projects, more regularly in a fraction of the time. We also have access to various different kinds of creators, editors, illustrators, videographers to match our needs for any given campaign or project. We have dabbled in many different video styles at this point, A/B tested different strategies and pushed ourselves creatively with hilarious pieces of content.”

Freshpet · Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Freshpet

Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Best Practice: For IG the best performing ads are simple short-form UGC-style videos that feature more organic storytelling.

Best Practice: All it takes is 5 days for your audience to get sick of your ad creative.

Best Practice: The sweet spot for video content on Instagram is between :9-:15 seconds. Ads below :21 seconds can see a 2% lift in impressions and a 280% lift in conversion.

Best Practice: The platform’s native aspect ratio is 9:16 and will ensure a full screen experience that can drive a 91% lift in conversion vs other aspect ratios.

Best Practice: A clear CTA can increase conversion by 152%.

Best Practice: Including any kind of audio will result in an automatic 16% lift in impressions.


Digital In-Perpetuity

Creative is more cost effective, quicker, & more on brand working with talent specialized in UGC style. These deliverables will be posted by your channel vs. an Instagram influencer. We find relatable non-influencer talent to speak to your audience.

No, we must use royalty-free music.

No, only small post-production edits are part of the rounds of edits. Reshoots will be an overage.