QuickFrame + TikTok

UGC made for TikTok

TikTok runs on User-Generated Content. But at QuickFrame, we run on helping your team discover the tech specs and video types that'll drive the highest performance for your brand.

We Know What Works, So You Don't Have To

As one of TikTok's badged TikTok Marketing partners,, QuickFrame has a track record of removing common video production obstacles that prevent you from actually reaching your goals. No budget? No problem. Simple UGC-style video dominates on TikTok, outperforming expensive, broadcast quality ads.

You Can't Dance Around Ad Fatigue

Did you know that the average lifespan of a TikTok ad is 21 days? Luckily, beating ad fatigue is just another day in the life at QuickFrame. Unlock opportunities to test assumptions and optimize campaigns mid-flight so your ads stay fresher, longer.

Already know what you want and ready to kick things off?

A few brands we've worked with

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Why should I use QuickFrame to make TikTok ads?

Maker Network Icon

Tap into a heavily vetted, highly diverse network of makers

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Get video variations quickly and easily for enhanced testing and more

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Optimize your production process with a streamlined experience that can scale and get you live in as little as 14 days

Video for any use case, audience, objective, or platform

Control your narrative and work with authentic makers, not expensive influencers

Getting Started is Easy…

  • 1

    Select a package that works for your needs

  • 2

    Fill out the brief

  • 3

    QF will match you to the right maker and get started

  • 4

    Review and approve

  • 5

    Go live

  • 6

    Test and iterate

TikTok Packages Overview

Concept Testing Made Easy

Get more unique videos at once to gather more valuable learnings on what performs best for your brand quicker instead of spending time making small iterations. Same cost, same timeline, more creative.

Case Studies

Check out these brands we have worked with on TikTok. See how they were able to test different concepts and versions and reach their audiences with a variety of content.


"HelloFresh owns 7 different meal-delivery brands, and needs different creative for each. QuickFrame works with HelloFresh's many brand teams to create unique concepts and deliverables to speak to all HelloFresh's offerings, specifically to the TikTok audience. HelloFresh is always testing new creative to see what type of content will push the needle for what brand with QuickFrame's fast-moving maker network and TikTok testing strategy."

Case Studies

Check out these brands we have worked with on TikTok. See how they were able to test different concepts and versions and reach their audiences with a variety of content.


"Rae Wellness is a holistic wellness company that believes in well-being for all by addressing health concerns such as sexual wellness, hormonal imbalance, and mental fatigue. The company has witnessed rapid growth from users who are prioritizing themselves and proactively focusing on their well-being. QuickFrame worked with Rae on a couple tiktok campaigns, creating native-feeling tiktok ads speaking to this niche audience. QuickFrame and Rae tested different trends, talent and products to launch campaigns within a few weeks."



“Quickframe is our go-to-first partner for all forms of video from TV to testing new channels like TikTok or YouTube. Their team is able to create video content that scales and spans multi channels.”

Katelyn Watson · Chief Marketing Officer at NURX
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“QuickFrame has been able to make us on-brand content that feels native to the TikTok platform. They're fun and follow brand guidelines while getting our message across . The team is prompt and communicative as well which makes them easy to work with.”

Alex Lam · Growth Marketing at HelloFresh
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“The QuickFrame team was an integral part of us launching TikTok as a channel for our business! They truly understand the platform, and were so quick in helping us get this channel off the ground (which is so valuable on a channel whose content moves so quickly). I can't recommend working with them enough!!”

Sierra Maust · Social Media Marketing at Self

Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Best Practice: For TikTok the best performing ads are simple UGC-style videos that feature more organic storytelling.

Best Practice: All it takes is 21 days for your audience to get sick of your ad creative.

Best Practice: The sweet spot for video content on Tik Tok is between :9-:15 seconds. Ads below :21 seconds can see a 2% lift in impressions and a 280% lift in conversion.

Best Practice: The platform's native aspect ratio is 9:16 and will ensure a full screen experience that can drive a 91% lift in conversion vs other aspect ratios.

Best Practice: A clear CTA can increase conversion by 152%.

Best Practice: Including any kind of audio will result in an automatic 16% lift in impressions.


Digital In-Perpetuity

Creative is more cost effective, quicker, & more on brand working with talent specialized in TikTok/UGC style. These deliverables will be posted by your channel vs. a TikTok influencer. We find relatable non-influencer talent to speak to your audience.

No, we must use royalty-free music. Examples can be found here.

No, only small post-production edits are part of the rounds of edits. Reshoots will be an overage.