Snapchat | Platform Expert

Snapchat | Platform Expert

Snapchat’s ephemeral content experience runs on FOMO — the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out. With videos that disappear in a snap (we couldn’t resist), brands can lean into the limited-time creative ethos and connect with consumers in new ways. Like other platforms, Snapchat’s focus is on visual content, much of which is video in a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Snapchat Best Practices

Use a thumb-stopping hook that catches users’ attention as soon as they see your video — before they scroll past. A captivating bite-size hook will ensure your viewers watch your ad until the very end. 

The first instance of brand messaging, logo, or product visuals should be shown within the first 2-3 seconds of the video. Maintain branding throughout the ad with a logo or URL to make sure the name of the business stays top of mind for viewers.

Include a clear, direct call-to-action (CTA) in every spot to encourage viewers to take action, like visiting a website. CTAs like “Learn more” or “Shop now” can entice users to swipe up on your ad. 

Video content should be designed with audio in mind. Although some Snapchat ad placements are more conducive to a sound-on experience than others, all information should be easily digestible through visuals alone, just like on other video-first platforms (particularly for accessibility). 

Since most ads will link out of the platform, you should minimize the text on your ads. Use the ad to hook your audience, then provide them with all the information they need on your website. 

Snapchat applies a brand name and headline to the upper left corner of your creative. To prevent overlap, keep the top 150px of the frame clear of graphics, logos, text, or other important information.