TikTok Video Ad Specs & Placements Guide for 2024

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has quickly become one of the most influential social media platforms in the world. But some marketing teams still haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity. From TikTok video ad specs to how to create TikToks at scale, we’ve got everything you need to know to start advertising on this hot video-first platform. 

Benefits of TikTok Video Marketing

As more people join the platform, the benefits of TikTok video marketing continue growing. Some key video marketing benefits include:

Some key benefits include: 

  • A massive audience. As the social platform’s audience grows more diverse by the day, TikTok is an attractive buy for advertisers targeting a wide array of demographics. While the average TikTok user ranges from 10 to 49 years old, still 11% of the platform’s users are over 50
  • Limited distractions. For the most part, TikTok videos and advertisements are full-screen, which means your content is the only thing users are looking at, making the platform great If you want someone’s undivided attention.
  • Creative freedom. TikTok’s format allows users and advertisers alike to have more fun on the platform. If you’re looking for a place to test creative content, engaging hooks, and other unique video formats, TikTok is the place for you! 

While these are just a few examples of TikTok’s benefits, it’s easy to see how the platform can benefit your marketing efforts. With over 1 billion monthly active users, there’s no denying TikTok’s power to reach audiences, which is perhaps the largest benefit of social media video marketing. Plus, with a stream of seemingly never-ending content, each user’s For You page encourages them to spend more time engaging with the platform. 

TikTok Video Ad Specs & Placements

What are the specs for a TikTok video? How long should a TikTok video ad be? What is the best resolution for TikTok? This section will answer these questions about TikTok video ad specs — and more.

TikTok surged in popularity in 2020, dominating the cultural zeitgeist during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same year,  the company unveiled TikTok for Business, which eased the barriers to entry for competitors of all sizes who want to get in on the TikTok game.

It’s a creativity-driven, video-first platform, making it an attractive buy for advertisers targeting younger demographics with unique TikTok video ideas. Let’s look at three popular ways to advertise, including TikTok ad specs and TikTok ad sizes: 

In-Feed Video Ads

While all TikTok ad specs are important, you’ll certainly want to familiarize yourself with In-Feed ads. These video ads appear in the For You feed, which is an algorithm-based feed that shows users videos targeted to their interests. If you’re familiar with ads on Instagram, you’ll have an idea of what an In-Feed Video ad will look like. 

Users can engage with and share the ads natively on the platform. This ad placement can be further supported through calls to action (CTAs), which help drive traffic to internal landing pages, your website, or an eComm store.

Video Ad Specs

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9, but 9:16 is recommended for a native experience 
  • Max file size: 500 MB
  • Video length: Can support 5 to 60-second videos. TikTok recommends 9 to 15-second videos for optimal performance. 
  • File types: .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp, or .avi
  • Description: 1 to 100 characters are supported
  • TikTok ads should be supported with sound and/or music as the app defaults to a sound-on experience.

In-Feed Video TikTok Ads: What To Keep in Mind

Since these ads are quick bursts of content, users can easily swipe them away, so make sure you grab users’ attention in the first few seconds. Out-of-the-box creative video campaign ideas, like animation production and stop-motion, can make a TikTok marketing video stand out. 

This ad for Self, created by QuickFrame, taps into the creative culture of TikTok while promoting Self’s app by framing the ad as a behind-the-scenes look at digital animation.

Spark Ads

This native ad format allows you to create ads from your own TikTok videos or videos from other makers (with their permission, of course). While Spark Ads initially seem similar to In-Feed Ads, there are some notable differences, including the metrics you can track. These additional metrics include music clicks, paid profile visits, anchor clicks, and more. 

This new feature allows you to elevate different types of videos — even UGC from your loyal fans. Whether you want to boost your video production, an unboxing of your products from a fan, or another video entirely, you can do it with Spark Ads. 

Video Ad Specs

  • As long as it’s uploaded on TikTok as an organic video, you can use it as a Spark Ad. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on video ratio, video resolution, file type, video duration, bitrate, or file size. 
  • Account tagging, emojis, and hashtags are allowed in Spark Ads’ captions. 

Spark TikTok Ads: What To Keep in Mind

Maybe one of the most popular features of Spark ads is that all actions revolve around your (or another maker’s) organic post. According to TikTok, “Spark Ads use posts from real TikTok accounts, which ensures all views, comments, shares, likes, and follows gained from boosting the video during the promotion are attributed to your organic posts.” 

Video Shopping Ads

Video Shopping Ads (VSAs) allow brands to make their In-Feed TikTok videos into shoppable videos. Available to all TikTok Shops, viewers can browse products and then make purchases. 

These ads default to a Product Anchor Link-style CTA, since TikTok reports it has “historically strong conversions and click-through rates.” However, it’s not your only option. With several interactive features, you can customize your VSA, test it with your audience, and optimize it as needed. 

Video Ad Specs

  • As long as it’s uploaded on TikTok as an organic video, you can use it as a Spark Ad. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on video ratio, video resolution, file type, video duration, bitrate, or file size. 

Video Shopping Ads: What To Keep in Mind

Even though your audience will have easier access to your products, you still need to connect with them as quickly as possible. Use this opportunity to highlight your value propositions, use cases, and even brand values. As video commerce evolves, you can use these (and future features) to make the most of your social media video marketing budget. 

Making TikTok Videos at Scale

TikTok is an effective way to reach your target audience, but this strategy requires consistent creative made at scale for your business. For many teams, this is a barrier, but it doesn’t have to be!

At QuickFrame by MNTN, we created an end-to-end agile video production platform that connects you with leading Makers and production teams around the globe. Plus, as one of TikTok’s first creative partners, we know how to create the video content you need to meet your goals and avoid ad fatigue — all done affordably and at scale. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about TikTok video production.

TikTok Ad Sizes: Final Thoughts

Video marketing will continue growing for the foreseeable future, and TikTok is no exception. As the platform evolves, creating native ads will become more important to video marketing strategies. By familiarizing yourself with the TikTok video ad specs, TikTok video ad sizes, and other advertising opportunities on the platform, you can connect with your audience successfully. 

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