About Us

We’re not your typical video marketing company.

QuickFrame is more than a platform to connect clients to content makers. We help businesses grow by transforming the way they use video to communicate. By optimizing every aspect of production and creative, we help our clients generate fast, affordable, effective content – at scale, and within budget.

With QuickFrame’s video creation and insights platform, you can do more with video so video can do more for you.
There are three elements to producing better-performing videos: cost-efficient production, quick turnaround, and intelligent predictions that trim waste. Any video marketing company can deliver one or two of these – we made it our mission to improve all three.

We Partner with the Biggest Names in Media

QuickFrame’s network of media partners pairs our customers’ data-driven video assets with high-performing media campaigns. Talk about a win-win.

Do More with Video

Learn how we can help you produce more data-driven video affordably and at scale.

Real People, Not Bots

We come from diverse tech and marketing backgrounds, but we all share a  passion for what data-driven video can do for you.