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The only way you can keep up in today’s fast-paced, video-first media landscape is by streamlining your approach to video production. That’s why we’re here.

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Instantly expand the skillsets and bandwidth of your current in-house and agency teams with our curated network of production companies located around the world. Working with experienced content makers who specialize in what you’re looking for speeds up production, giving you any number of on-brand, platform-specific assets for all your video marketing needs.

Why QuickFrame’s Global Video Hub?

Simply put, our platform makes producing quality video smarter, faster, and more affordable. Applying extreme workflow optimization to strip away time-draining tasks, you can funnel more of your budget directly into producing better videos, more often.


Create a large volume of videos fast and affordably. We’ve optimized every aspect of the production process, so you’re not wasting time or money.


Produce creative that makes an impact on your KPIs. Our insight-driven approach shows you where to focus your attention and your budget.


We integrate into your in-house or agency resources to immediately expand their output, so they can focus on important initiatives.


No, QuickFrame is a video creation and insights platform that powers a maker network combined with data-driven expertise to drive performance. Our modern solution is very different from the traditional approach and caters to a variety of companies in need of video services, including brands, publishers, public services, nonprofits and yes, media and creative agencies.

QuickFrame does not provide creative concepts to clients. However, our Maker Community contains hundreds of professional makers that are experienced with concepting and this service can be incorporated into any video production process.

Yes! No matter the structure of your existing team, QuickFrame’s platform serves as an extension or complementary partner to help you increase production bandwidth, expand into new and different styles (e.g., animated video series, drone footage), provide localized production resources (e.g., Dublin, Ireland), and gain insights into what is working with your current video strategy so your current approach can become more effective.

Every single production company in our Maker Community has gone through rigorous vetting before they work with us. Additionally, every maker is rated after each project to ensure quality is upheld—if they fall below our standard quality level they are removed from our community. Further, each maker’s work is tagged with their various skillsets so that you are being matched to the perfect talent for your specific project.

We have experience working with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Uber, Glossier, and Colgate-Palmolive that have extensive and strict brand guidelines. We have all clients upload their brand guidelines, images, fonts, past video examples and more into their profile within our platform so that makers know exactly what you’re looking for. Further, all of our clients can be as involved in the pre-production, production, and post-production process as they desire. For subscription clients, our Client Success team is also on hand to internalize your business goals and brand requirements and act as a second set of eyes on every project. Lastly, all clients receive at least 2 rounds of revisions (and many receive 3 or more depending on the subscription tier selected), which ensures your final deliverables are exactly as you imagined.

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