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Be a Leader in the Future of Video Production

QuickFrame is nothing without our makers. We support a global team of content experts that are driving the future of video production. We equip our makers with resources to help them understand the unique video needs for some of the world's top brands. Work with us, so we can work for you.

Maker Academy

We’re committed to your success. Our goal with the QuickFrame Maker Academy is to empower you through educational courses to help you reach your maximum potential.

Our Maker Academy provides flexible online training and certification–covering anything from QuickFrame basics to platform specific courses–that will ensure you have the tools and knowledge you need to make an impact.

Resources for Makers

A handy and always-growing list of resources to help you run your business and succeed as a QuickFrame maker.

Learn platform-specific production best practices, explore our exclusive offers with our Preferred Partners, review a list of resources for minority-owned makers, get answers to common questions, and much more!

Recommended Reading

Stay at the forefront of what is happening in the industry by tapping into our best video-related blog content and trend reports.