Establishing Shots #9: Jenny Ward

Welcome to Establishing Shots, an interview series where we turn a spotlight toward the diverse talent that comprises QuickFrame’s Maker Community, emphasizing the personality and artistry behind some of our top video content makers. Today, we’re talking with Jenny Ward, NY-based writer, director, and editor as well as a freelancer specializing in creative development, production, and post-production.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative career and how you got started? What first got you interested in the industry? 

I come from a theater and film background and initially started out as an editor, primarily working on narrative projects such as short films, sketch comedy, and actor reels for friends. I used this experience to start freelance editing for brands and eventually moved into both production and post, which led to creating a production company. 

Having worn many hats over the years, I was excited I could use my personal experience as a way to also have a professional creative career by bringing this expertise to brands. 

What does your creative process look like? Does it differ from project to project? 

Since I work in both production and post on varying sizes and styles of projects, the creative process does vary, but there are also some common threads. 

  • Prioritizing customer collaboration to ensure our ideas align with their goals.
  • Fostering positive production and post processes so all collaborators feel they have input and can do their best work. 
  • Remaining open at every stage of the process to new creative ideas. 

Can you tell us more about a project you’ve worked on recently?

We recently did a series of videos for Kiss Nails that featured their Gel Fantasy line. This was such a fun project where we were able to collaborate with the Kiss team from ideation to them being on set to creating the edits in post. We love production days where we can throw on music, get creative, and connect with everyone in the room to bring ideas to life. 

Has anyone been especially inspirational to you?

I collaborate with many artists in NY and LA to create both narrative and promotional work. I’m continually inspired by the expertise, innovation, and creativity they bring to their different disciplines. I love that I work in an industry where I can surround myself with other artists and learn from them. 

Jenny Ward is a NY-based writer, director, and editor as well as a freelancer specializing in creative development, production, and post-production. She is the founder of Malibu Creative, a boutique production and post company, and just finished her latest short film, which will be entering festivals next year. 

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