Maker Corner: Real-World Insights from the 3D World

Welcome to Maker Corner, our series where we feature guest contributions to our blog from QuickFrame makers. This month’s post is written by maker Roberto Maia, who is a serial entrepreneur and Executive Creative Director at Aevo Studio.

Real-World Insights from the 3D World

In today’s marketing landscape, 3D has progressed from a shiny toy to an indispensable tool. Still, although numerous brands are exploring 3D, the magic truly unfolds when it’s seamlessly integrated across all departments. Also, there’s a frequent focus on what’s shiny and new. The allure of creating something entirely from scratch can be strong. However, from our seasoned studio point of view, we understand and prioritize the value of longevity in our projects. Fun fact: our studio name, “Aevo,” an inflection from the Latin “Aevi,” embodies that spirit of a lifetime.

Our vision is broader than the immediate deliverable when we embark on a project. Instead, we visualize the lifespan of what we’re creating. Is it adaptable? Can it serve multiple purposes over time? Will it resonate even as trends change? These are the questions that guide our creative process. This long-term thinking doesn’t just stem from a business perspective but also from a commitment to sustainable creativity and partnership. Our approach seeks to counteract that cycle in an era where rapid content production can lead to equally immediate consumption and disposal.

Our clients recognize this value proposition. The capacity to revitalize and repurpose assets means they don’t always need to reinvest heavily in creating new content from the ground up all the time. Instead, they can build upon established assets (or repurposed ones), adapting and growing them in alignment with new strategies or market changes. It not only ensures brand consistency but also delivers significant cost savings.

When nearly 30% of our annual revenue hails from legacy campaigns or revamped assets for global brands, it’s a testament to our studio’s ability to deliver lasting value and an indicator of a broader industry trend. Brands are becoming acutely aware of the importance of maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI) from their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) in production and marketing. In the digital age, where content can quickly become ephemeral, there’s a growing appreciation for assets that can endure and be repurposed effectively.

Process and Consistency Are Key

Being a 3D artist and co-owning a 3D animation studio isn’t just about creation (I wish it were). It’s a confluence of art, meticulous execution, and market knowledge. It’s fun (I won’t lie), but it also involves a lot of hard work (and thousands of hours of rendering)! Beyond the artistry lies the challenge of ensuring the vision created with the clients and partners reaches the audience in the most accurate way possible. From a studio owner’s perspective, I must provide our team with the right assets and tools to deliver maximum value to our client’s campaigns at the right time. 

Regardless of being used for TikTok and Instagram filters to vibrant 3D billboards, OOH, and TV Ads, you must manage 3D assets meticulously. Delays due to mismanaged or scattered assets can be harmful, especially when you repeatedly factor in the added costs of recreating the same model with vendors during omnichannel campaigns. Besides that, It’s not just about time and money; it’s about consistency. There’s nothing more frustrating than reigniting a legacy campaign to discover an outdated asset slipped through that wasn’t revised or approved by the legal and packaging team.

The root of these challenges often lies in fragmented or non-standardized storage practices. Brands can save invaluable resources with a well-structured repository, avoiding stretching their go-to-market timelines. A more streamlined and cohesive asset management approach is essential for any brand aiming to deliver campaigns on time.

At the heart of our studio operations is a unified 3D asset management process, streamlining access, categorization, and retrieval. This efficient setup paves the way for timely launches, whether dazzling 3D billboards, revived legacy campaigns, or engaging social media filters. Our tried-and-true deployment protocols, combined with version control, honed over countless projects, make swift asset rollouts a norm, breathing life into new ads and real-time customizations. 

Moreover, each 3D asset we create is designed with optimal performance in mind, whether for a game or a health goods hyper-realistic product ad. Not more, not less than the standards for each delivery. That way, we ensure, for instance, that a banner will have the proper weight demanded by the programmatic media partner while using 3D animation, a filter will run smoothly due to a lower polygon count and light textures, and a high-resolution billboard will present the intricate details of highly detailed 3D model with 4k textures applied to it.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, while the dazzle of the new is always enticing, there’s undeniable value in the old — if crafted with vision and adaptability. It’s not just about creating sharp visuals; it’s about ensuring each 3D asset aligns with its intended vision and message. Our studio’s focus on the long-term potential of every project ensures our clients always have a repository of high-quality assets ready to be leveraged, allowing them to be agile, cost-effective, and consistent in their marketing strategies. With the support of partners like Quickframe, we’re well-equipped to meet the industry’s evolving demands, offering innovative and sustainable solutions.

Today, Roberto co-owns and operates AevoStudio [a top-notch 3D animation studio based in Brazil and Portugal serving brands and agencies worldwide, especially in health goods, food & beverage, and energy sectors] alongside Pedro de Leo, his friend, business partner, and Technical Creative Director. He also operates AevoTech [a tech venture builder supporting startups to develop & launch digital products worldwide]. In his spare time, Roberto enjoys traveling with his family, meeting with friends and peers worldwide for a beer/drink, watching movies, reading, being outdoors, and playing with his two-year-old daughter, Maju (short for Maria Julia).

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