Customer Story


Sockwell came to QuickFrame through a referral from MNTN with three goals: they wanted to tell an authentic and relatable story, reduce production spend, and address misconceptions about compression socks. With these goals in mind, QuickFrame was able to match them with a video production team that fit their needs for producing purpose-built creative.


Sockwell is a United States-based compression sock brand that believes in sustainable sourcing, modern design, continual investment in technology to improve fit and performance, and supporting the needs of their community and customers to feel better in style.


For this campaign, one of Sockwell’s key goals was to show viewers various use cases for compression socks and connect with different audience segments.

To elaborate on their message, they wanted their creative to include people wearing their socks in different situations, across all stages of life.


Effective video creative is often one of the most significant challenges for brands. Even if a brand knows they want to run campaigns across Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, they might be concerned about not being able to afford living room quality creative or spending so much on production costs that they’d have to shrink their CTV budget. 

But by using QuickFrame, Sockwell was able to create compelling video creative to run across multiple platforms that aligned with their values, goals, and mission. QuickFrame connected Sockwell with the Verken production team, who created live action video ads for the brand. 

Troy Spoelma, the QuickFrame maker and owner of Verken, said, “Meeting [the Sockwell team] before I created and pitched different concepts was super helpful so I could learn what they thought was most important about their products and how they would like to translate those ideas.” 

Spoelma also mentioned how humor played into their ideas for production. “I spent a lot of time watching comedic commercials, both old and new, trying to pick apart what made them funny and how they delivered the information about the product, but still in an easily digestible way. This involved creating recognizable characters, writing drafts of dialog that were simple yet said a lot, and scripting jokes that were just cheeky enough to get a chuckle here and there.” 

The research into comedic ads is clear throughout the deliverables. Set in a news-style studio, the words Sock Talk appear on the wall as the news anchor introduces himself from behind the desk and lets the audience know the mission of his show: to find the world’s best socks. The scene is fully set with an on-air light, globe, microphone, and cup of coffee on the desk. 

At one point, viewers see a medical professional who wears compression socks because she’s on her feet all day. While she’s introducing her situation, the camera briefly cuts back to the news anchor, who is cleaning his glasses and seemingly not paying attention. When we pan back to the medical professional, she mentions how the socks provide support, and it appears she’s caught his attention. He’s holding a mug with “Mom’s second favorite child” written on it and announces he could use some extra support.

(Does Sockwell also provide emotional support? TBD.)


At the end of the project, Sockwell received 13 deliverables to use across CTV/OTT, social media, and other platforms.

By working with QuickFrame, they were able to reduce their video marketing expenses and focus more of that budget on getting the content in front of audiences. On YouTube alone, they’ve received over 200,000 views on three videos from this campaign. 

The production team clearly kept Sockwell’s goals and objectives in mind throughout the creative process. Whether you’re hitting the gym, working a 12-hour shift on your feet, or getting ready to travel to a new destination, this campaign makes sure you know compression socks are for you and your lifestyle.

By including different scenarios in the content, they’ve captured the attention of people who have maybe never known compression socks could benefit them.

Justin Hawkins

Head of Marketing, Sockwell

The QuickFrame team was able to help us find a cost-effective production solution that freed up additional funds to utilize in our marketing activations (such as airing this content on MNTN). Because of this, we were able to ideate, develop, and produce a video series to generate brand awareness and preempt a fantastic holiday selling season. The QF team and the studio we were paired with worked wonderfully with the Sockwell team and helped us create a content series that relays our unique product differentiators in a very relatable and timely set of 15- and 30-second videos. The Sockwell team is thrilled with the end results!