Customer Story


The performance of brand creative was not living up to the products of this elevated socks and t-shirt company. We stepped in to develop smart, strategic creative within a limited budget. By testing multiple videos with the same messaging, Stance saw big gains in their ROAS.


Founded in 2009, Stance was one of the first key players in the elevated sock business. Focusing on high quality combined with edgy style, Stance has seen continued success since its inception and has since expanded into the t-shirt and underwear categories. Stance has expanded its retail locations worldwide and maintains a strong e-commerce presence.


Following the launch of their “Butter Blend” product line, Stance was frustrated with the performance of their creative. They sought out a partner who could intelligently develop new creative on a limited budget. Stance was interested in testing more than one approach due to their experience with the first iteration.


2.5 x

Increased ROAS

14 Days

From green-light to delivery

Hailey Pink

Director of Acquisition Marketing, Stance

QuickFrame has been great to work with, they make the entire creative process easy. It has felt as though they are a part of our in-office team and the results have been great.