Grants and Resources for Minority Content Makers 2021

Grants and Resources for Minority Content Makers 2021

Whether you operate a minority-owned business, production company, or you’re an independent content maker, there are numerous grants, certifications, and resources that can help you get ahead. We know how time-consuming researching opportunities can be, so we’ve put together this list to give you more time to do what you love: create.

In addition to the specific resources below, be sure to check out the Federal Grants Directory. There, you can search for different federal grants available for small businesses, filter them by category and eligibility levels, and learn invaluable grant writing and application tips.

Grants for Minority Makers & Small Business Owners

Grants have varying eligibility requirements and deadlines, so be sure to read up on all of the details before you apply.

Certifications and Associations for Minority Makers & Small Business Owners

Getting a certification or joining an association can help you extend your professional network. Some associations even offer exclusive access to programs, grants, and resources that can propel your career.

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