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As one of the most engaging content types across the internet, videos contribute to customers' experience rather than disrupting. Branded video content can use storytelling to entertain, inform, and communicate your brand's values. QuickFrame gives your team the power of brand video production without the expense of hiring an external agency or developing an in-house video production team.

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All of Your Branded Video Needs in One Solution

Every campaign objective and video platform requires a unique approach to generate impact. Whether you need a breakthrough marketing campaign or inspiring internal corporate videos, the talent represented in our vetted network of production companies and makers possess platform-specific expertise and a wide range of video skills to make your content stand out.

No matter what creative style you’re seeking or KPIs you're looking to address, we know what works and we'll match you with a content maker who can deliver.

It's not enough to create videos for the sake of creating video content. You need to start with your end goal in mind. If you want to generate more sales, you'll make a different video than if you want to raise your brand awareness.
Understanding your target audience is critical to knowing what will motivate them to make the decision you want. Creating a detailed customer avatar will guide your decisions about the type of content you create and where to share it.
When planning your video content, think about it from your customer's perspective. What's in it for them? This is the difference between an effective marketing video and a commercial.
You can test and measure every aspect of your video. Data analytics will give you insight into how well your video is performing and why it's hitting or missing the mark.

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1 Brief:
2 Match:
3 Produce:
4 Launch:

Outline your project and preferences to ensure your final deliverables are on brand and match your vision.

Get paired with a professional maker team aligned to your project needs.

Review scripts & storyboards, execute production, provide feedback, revise, and finalize assets.

Finalize payments, export video files directly to desired platforms, launch campaigns, and plan your next project.

  • Project Budget $10,000 Client Vertical/Industry Objectives Acquisition Brand Marketing Basics Food and Beverage
    1 Brief:

    Outline your project and preferences to ensure your final deliverables are on brand and match your vision.

  • 2 Match:

    Get paired with a professional maker team aligned to your project needs.

    ABC Animation Studio It’s a Match!
  • 3 Produce:

    Review scripts & storyboards, execute production, provide feedback, revise, and finalize assets.

  • 4 Launch:

    Finalize payments, export video files directly to desired platforms, launch campaigns, and plan your next project.

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Drive measurable results across paid channels by unlocking audience-specific messaging, A/B testing, and rapid iteration.

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Spread awareness, communicate your brand's value or purpose, and ultimately build a more engaging relationship with consumers.


Drive brand authority and engagement across your content platforms or owned channels with evergreen and seasonal videos.

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Showcase key features of your product or service, elevate its positioning in a competitive market, and drive greater demand and usage.


Create a more informative and immersive online purchasing experience for consumers.


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Karina Delaine

Senior Content Marketing Strategist

We've been working with QuickFrame since 2016. Since then the relationship has evolved and strengthened our creative tremendously. Freshpet is now able to turn over more projects, more regularly in a fraction of the time. It's a unique partnership and we're grateful to have access to a diverse network when we need it most, which is often.

How did QuickFrame help?

Videos in one year
Sea-Jay Van der Ploeg

User Acquisition - Growth Marketing at Parade

From Canada Launch to our Second Life Recycling Program ads, QuickFrame has consistently delivered on high impact projects for our team. In particular, their team has ensured Parade’s brand and community imagery remains continuous when translated to high performing, direct response assets.

How did QuickFrame help?

5 Days
Avg. Turnaround Time
Increase in Conversion Rate
Ben Bridge Jeweler
Stacy Speicher

Vice President, Marketing and eCommerce

We have really appreciated our QuickFrame partnership. It was what I had hoped and believed was possible for high-quality video production and they delivered, all while being wonderful people to work with.

How did QuickFrame help?

Avg. Video Completion Rate
Cook Unity
Colin Roth

Head of Performance Marketing

QuickFrame is the ultimate growth partner for CookUnity. Together, we are able to quickly develop performance creative that we can iterate week-over-week.

How did QuickFrame help?

Improvement in CTR

Answers to commonly asked questions


Content that is surprising but not shocking is the most shareable. Some other attributes of high-performing branded content are:

  • Evokes emotion
  • Makes people feel good about themselves
  • Addresses social issues that reflect your brand values
  • Optimized for different platforms

Some of the most popular types of branded video content include:

  • Product explainer to help your customers solve a problem with your product
  • Company culture videos to humanize your brand
  • Testimonials to show existing customers who are satisfied with your product or service
  • Product demonstrations to show how your product or service works
  • Case studies to show your work process and results
  • Brand film about what sets your brand apart and makes it authentic and unique

A branded video production company offers a variety of services. Some are full-service and will help from concept to launch. Others offer video assets that you can pull.

Many variables go into creating a branded company video, so brand video production time will depend on factors such as if you already have a well-developed marketing strategy and if you have an in-house production team. QuickFrame can significantly shorten the time required to produce a high-quality branded video by matching you with expert video production professionals.

Producing a brand video from scratch with a traditional production company can cost thousands of dollars. QuickFrame allows you to quickly and affordably produce videos for every channel, audience, and objective, taking your video marketing to new heights. Learn more about our pricing.

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