YouTube | Platform Expert

YouTube | Platform Expert

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become the world’s preeminent video-sharing platform. With nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users, it’s the second largest social platform. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, everyone is on YouTube, making it a unique channel for brands to engage a wide array of audiences interested in a wide variety of topics.

YouTube Best Practices

Make sure viewers literally can’t miss the most important information in your video. You have flexibility when it comes to using text, animations, and graphics on YouTube, but make sure to keep primary information in the center of the screen, where it can easily be seen. Certain sections of the YouTube platform (think overlays and banner ads) can bleed into text and other assets if they’re not properly placed on the screen.

Viewers come to YouTube for entertainment, so give them a story to enjoy. Use effective storytelling strategies, including a narrative arc, in your videos. To keep viewers engaged through your entire ad, start with an enticing hook, followed by a substantial middle and end to the story.

About that hook: when creating YouTube videos and ads, you should aim to quickly capture attention within the first three seconds with a thumb-stopper of an intro. An enticing, bite-size hook will ensure your viewers watch your ad until the very end. If people are in the video, open with them on screen. If it fits the story, have them address the audience directly as a way to facilitate connection. 

The first instance of brand messaging, logo, and/or product visuals should be shown within the initial few seconds of the video. Maintain branding throughout the ad with a logo or URL to make sure the name of the business stays top of mind for viewers. 

Every ad should include a clear, direct call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your viewers to take action, like visiting a website or social profile. You’ve likely heard many YouTube users encourage their audience to like the video, leave a comment, or subscribe to their channel. You can use audio and text to drive these actions, or add a clickable CTA to the video.