How Meta Business Partners Can Elevate Any Video Marketing Team

From digital to content to product marketing, the people who make up your teams are wildly talented. But there are always going to be capability gaps — things you can do, but you know can be done better by folks with more expertise. Sometimes you have the budget to hire new talent to bring these capabilities to your squad, but for many businesses — especially small to midsize ones — that just may not be a possibility.

This is where strategic partnerships like the Meta Business Partner Program come into play.

Designed to empower marketers with unparalleled support, training, and resources, this program has revolutionized the way businesses engage with Meta’s suite of platforms. 

And guess what? QuickFrame is one of those partners. 

Let’s walk through the opportunities that working with a Meta Business Partner offers, plus where we fit into the mix.

What are Meta Business Partners?

In short, these partners are companies vetted by Meta with a proven track record of growing brands’ digital presence on their suite of platforms. 

These companies can extend and expand the capabilities of any marketing team, whether that means partnering with a creative platform to help produce their first Instagram Reel, or working with an ad tech partner on the backend to better measure the impact of their ads. Meta also has partners that can help with campaign management, e-commerce shopping, messaging, and much more. 

How It Works

You can connect with Meta Business Partners via their Partner Directory. This marketplace model features scores of businesses with a range of specialities, from tech to agencies. In short, whatever your business needs are, you’ll find tailored solutions for it with Meta Business Partners.

For a full walkthrough of how to get started, head on over to Meta.

Meta Business Partners’ Proven Track Record of Success

So the next question you may be asking yourself is: “OK, these partners sound great, but does working with them actually translate into stronger performance?”

That’s actually a question Meta had themselves. They recently conducted tests to better understand whether working with a partner would actually drive stronger performance for Reels ads.

Meta matched a group of advertisers across the globe with several business partners (including — hi! — QuickFrame). Through 15 global AB tests, they discovered that working with a Meta Business Partner to build creative for native Reels ads demonstrated stronger performance than a business-as-usual setup alone.

According to Meta, on average, partner-enabled creative led to:

  • 7% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • 4% higher conversion rate
  • 8% higher ThruPlay rate
  • 45% higher 3-second video play rate
  • With 93% confidence, they outperformed the business-as-usual setup in terms of cost per result for optimized conversions

You want more success stories? Here are more success stories.

  • What happened when one sleepwear company used a Meta Business Partner to create product-focused videos? They saw a 76% increase in return on ad spend and 34% lower cost per acquisition.
  • When an athletic wear company leaned on a Meta Business Partner to crowdsource ad creative for Instagram Reels, they landed 19X higher engagement, 5X increase in return on ad spend, and a 48% decrease in cost per result.
  • What about when a UK-led pharmacy company leveraged a Meta Business Partner for augmented reality ads? They generated a 9-point increase in ad recall, a 3.9-point increase in message association, and a 3.5-point increase in campaign awareness.

That’s the kind of “up and to the right” results we all dream about.

Where QuickFrame Fits In

QuickFrame is one of Meta’s Creative partners, a marketplace of companies who “combine art and technology to produce high-quality assets that help drive results across Meta technologies.” 

(Hey, we’re not bragging if we’re just quoting Meta, amirite? Actually, let’s just quote them some more.)

“Creative partners are badged Meta Business Partners who possess the talent, training and technology needed to stand out and stay ahead of the curve – no matter what the future holds. Creative partners keep pace with the speed of innovation to help businesses of all sizes stay ahead of the curve.”

There are several different creative packages, with different spend commitments, that advertisers can choose from with QuickFrame:

Video Asset Optimization
Leverage existing creative assets to maximize creative impact across key Meta video ad formats and placements.

Net New Video Creation
Creation of net new original video assets through a video production partner designed for use across all Meta platforms.

Reels Optimization
Leverage existing creative assets to maximize creative impact across Reels ad formats.

Net New Reels Creation
Creation of net new original reels ads through a video production partner designed for usage across Reels formats and placements.

AR for Brands
Clients work with augmented reality (AR) specialist partners to deliver virtual try-on or real-world display AR use cases on Meta platforms.

We set a high standard for ourselves, too. Any project QuickFrame works on as a Meta Business Partner will be finalized and delivered in 90 days (or less).

Ready to get started? Sign up to work with QuickFrame via the Meta Business Accelerator Program. 

How Do The Ads Look?

Here are just a few of the ads we’ve helped create as a Meta Business Partner:

See more examples of ads we’ve made for Instagram and Facebook over at Made with QuickFrame.

Create Your Next Favorite Video Ad with QuickFrame and Meta Business Partners

To ever-so-slightly tweak a lyric from The Beatles, we get by with a little help from our friends. Of course, in this case, by “friends,” we mean strategic business partners who can help expand the capabilities of any marketing team so they can accomplish their biggest campaign goals. 

This is exactly what you can get working with a Meta Business Partner like QuickFrame.

But we’re not just a partner with Meta. QuickFrame is also a badged partner for TikTok and LinkedIn. As we continue to innovate and drive success across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, our mission remains unwavering: to empower businesses just like yours with the tools, knowledge, and expertise they need to thrive in today’s crowded content landscape.

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